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“Jennifer Hope’s “Bring Me To Life” is a defiant triumphant song. Sounding akin to a lovely mixture of the Cocteau Twins mixed with a little metal, the song is positively dreamy. Crystal clear in its focus “Bring Me To Life” is inviting and irresistibly catchy. “Bring Me to Life” shows off Jennifer Hope’s deft talent in weaving together the soothing nature of shoegaze with a harder edge.”

“If you’re a lover of alternative rock/ambient music, there’s a compelling new release on the way from local artist Jennifer Hope; the single “Bring Me To Life”. Best described as hauntingly melodic, this release from Los Angeles-based Hope sounds like it would be equally comfortable in a club or movie soundtrack.”

“Jennifer Hope - Silky Vocals And Interesting Songwriting Get Her Noticed”

“New interview on the making and release of “X-Tremities”!”

“Last year, Jennifer Hope released her debut LP, Velvet Fire – an instantly hooked album that makes you want to permanently repeat it. Most artists take a little breather before their next venture but not Jennifer. She’s back at it with her new 3 song EP, X-Tremities, and it doesn’t miss a beat where Velvet Fire left off.”

““The Fine Line” is a track that, according to Hope herself: “describes the actions and reactions between two performing artists.” I find it heavy, romantically intense, and somewhat mystical. The lyrics can be quite eloquent and titillating: “to ignore attracts a fight / to explore consumes the night.” Yeah, personally, I’d like to ‘explore.’”

“I’m pleased and honored to announce that the LMF blog has been selected to be the home for the worldwide premier of Jennifer Hope‘s video for Over You. Over You is off Jennifer’s fantastic album, Velvet Fire. I reviewed Velvet Fire back in April (click here to read it) and if you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, do it now!”

“Her beautiful voice reminds me very much of Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries and the music really sets itself apart from anything else out there with it’s edgy synthesizers underlining the tracks and it works out really well especially in the tunes Maze of Lies and Rapture.”

“Demos of her new songs caught the attention of Eddie Van Halen, who immediately recognized her talent and potential. He stepped forward to sponsor the making of her new album, Velvet Fire. In this interview, Jennifer Hope discusses the craft of songwriting, the making of Velvet Fire, and the passion that drives her art.”