Jennifer Fuentes / Press

“Over two years ago Jennifer Fuentes was asked to sing at the Tejas Cowboy Church. Her brief bio sounded impressive and we were anxiously awaiting to hear her voice. Not only was she beautiful, but also had a very confident approach to being in a Church where; prior to walking in the door, she knew no one. As the service started, she belted out the song “Angels Give Me Wings” and the entire congregation was in awe of her talent and charisma. She became an instant favorite. In the past two years we have had the pleasure of seeing her perform in many different local venues as well as private parties. Gifted, talented and a heart as big as the moon, she has gone places and accomplished so much others only dream of. Jennifer will continue to go much further.”

Randy and Geri Becker - Texas Cowboy Church

“Jennifer is fantastic. So easy to work with, professional, and always at the top of her game. A wonderful talent who sounds at home in any genre. What I enjoy most about Jennifer is how much she loves what she does. There is something special when you combine a talent like hers with the love of performance. She is something special.”

"With the right songs by top writers in Nashville and the true talent and passion Jennifer has to sing I can definitely see her hanging with the big divas in Nashville soon any day! She has the it factor, personality, and has experience and stage presence that will draw in any crowd!"

"She dazzles Rock Bottom audiences with her acoustic show...people are drawn in to the patio seating to watch her performance of that power house voice echoing the streets!" The Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant in Campbell

The Rock Bottom Brewery

“We were so impressed, we welcomed Jennifer back for a summer Lunada on August 21st to celebrate local up-and-coming stars. At that event, she showed off more of her diverse repertoire singing more songs in Spanish to the delight of our audience. Jennifer is not only talented but very gracious and enjoyable to work with. Her professional manner makes us eager to work with her in the future." ”

Michelle Valdez Family Lunada Coordinator - Childrens Discovery Museum San Jose

"We had the pleasure of hosting Jennifer Fuentes-Hayward twice this year for our Family Lunada program at Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. We usually have a special featured performer: a person who is polished and who can entertain our family audience as well as serve as a role model for our young visitors. Jennifer fits that bill completely. She serenaded us with her beautiful songs, some of which she wrote. She also appealed to our Spanish speakers in the audience, singing a lovely ballad in Spanish. At the end of her set, a group of young visitors, inspired by her performance and her American Idol status, waited in line to get her autograph." Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

Michelle Valdez Family Lunada Coordinator - Children's Discovery Museum

“Local country singer Jennifer Fuentes Hayward prepares to give her all as she competes to be a live performer at The Saddle Rack in Fremont, CA on November 14. by Ariana Garcia Many of you may remember The Saddle Rack, an awesome country bar that was located in Downtown San Jose during its hay day. The Saddle Rack has since moved to Fremont and continues to provide unforgettable nights of entertainment. November 14th, 2010 at 4pm will be no exception to the rule and Jennifer Fuentes Hayward, a local country songstress prepares to compete against other local performers for the chance to become a regular live act at this much-loved establishment.”