Jennifer ellen Cook / Press

"Jennifer Ellen Cook called her latest CD A Storytelling of Crows, but she might just as easily have named it Je Ne Sais Quoi for all its elusive charm. Crows tells tales, some of them about Cook herself. Mike Stewart's fine hand produced this 1960s-influenced indie pop, which lets us in on the wisdom and lyrical acuity Cook's accrued over her years on the local scene."

Margaret Moser - Austin Chronicle

“Lethally interesting ... Her music is a sly, teasing, lightly-wicked affair, restless & bright. Easy-to-like band pops funky rhythms up into rock #s. Jennifer is sharp and present and has a great voice. It's hard to keep your eyes off her.”

Linus Gelber - Flicker

“Smash Riley play originals combining their love of rock, grooves, ‘60s soul, old jazz, and good songs in general. Singer/songwriter Jennifer Cook is known for her amazing voice, shining stage presence, and rapport with the audience. One observer described her as “Sheryl Crow meets Jessica Rabbit”

“Sensational vocalist”

Austin American-Statesman

“An immensely memorable voice.”

CMJ New Music Report

“No kidding, Jennifer Cook is the whole package. She's got star-quality, stage presence, strong guitar playing and a whole batch of smartly-written songs that draw on folk, rock and pop. Not to mention, she's got one of the best voices in town. Highly recommended.”

Mike's Feedback

“Well-crafted ear candy...vocals with wondrous range and tone. Onstage she is energetic and self-assured without resorting to cockiness.”

Austin Chronicle

“Jennifer Cook has a terrific voice, but it's her intelligent and articulate lyrics that make her shine. A dynamic performer, she writes the kind of intelligent, literate, song-centered acoustic music that flourishes on London's circuit, in which she'd be a natural star”

Music City

“Jennifer Ellen Cook has remarkable songwriting abilities, her voice is nothing short of sultry, and she's good to look at. She leaves a lasting impression, carrying with her the personality and sense of humor that make the best people even better. A great time out with wonderfully original material.”

INSight Magazine