Jennifer B & the Groove / Press

“I recently had the privilege of being a judge at the 2014 IBC's in Memphis. One of the bands I got to see and hear was Jennifer B. and the Groove. What a delightful surprise.... From the first note I knew I was in for a good set of music. Being a guitar builder, the first thing I noticed was Dave Scher. This dude was smooth. His playing came in like a cool breeze. A guitarists guitarist to say the least. His piano playing wasn’t bad either! The rhythm section of Dr. D and Doug Mortenson laid the groove down and never let it waiver. Then there was Jennifer.... Her first notes weren't even on mic. They came from her soul and filtered throughout the room as she took control of the stage and proceeded to tell a story with her voice. It was a good story. Her confidence and soulfulness made me smile. I highly recommend seeing this band. They will give you you’re money’s worth…. and then some.”

“When MC5 tribute Call Me Animal needed some Detroit-style backing vocals on their demo, Jennifer B. was our first call. She is as skilled and professional as anyone I've worked with and nailed her parts with precision and soul. We asked her to stack some harmonies and create a Motown-style girl-group sound. No problem. Jennifer recorded all the parts in record time and I'll be damned -- even the vibrato synched up on each part. This lady is a pro. She can do Sweet, she can do Soulful, and she can WAIL, Gimme Shelter style. Oh yeah, she has great pitch too, and no ego issues. Hire her.”

- Josh Ribakove, Call Me Animal / Clyde / Josh Tiemann Band / Zack Zerkle Band - Musician

“At I.B.C. the acts have worked hard to get there and it shows. They've won their local blues society competition and now they're on Beale Street, Memphis. Man, the sweat, joy are palpable! And we judges take the matter seriously. There's a formula - though subjective - involving scores, estimates, comparisons, categories like originality, stage presence, musicianship, etc... Often my score card is littered with scratch outs, rewrites, notes, "great job (which sometimes means, keep at it, better luck next time, etc…)". But then there's the band that makes me forget there's a score card because I don't want to break my gaze or ruin what I'm feeling. That was Jennifer B. and the Groove for me this year. Their musicianship was stellar - Jennifer's vocals seem to come from an endless, deep well. It's not easy to write about the place music can take you, especially when an artist moves you to tears, it's religion sometimes and Jennifer was my experience.”