Jenn Cleary / Press

“Jenn Cleary's styles are many - acoustic blues and rock, folk, rock 'n roll, old school pop to name a few. Her well crafted songs are portrayed with honesty and raw emotion, and reflect her thoughts and observations in her life. Enjoy an evening of exceptional music from this truly gifted songwriter and performer.”

Sun Rose Cafe

"...melodies that survey swing, blues and retro pop in ways that make them seem both new and yet strikingly familiar."

--Blurt Reviews

"It doesn't matter if it's for an audience of five or five hundred, Jenn Cleary is that rare breed of entertainer that gives herself 110% to her audience. Her voice is where passion and technique overrule conventional singing making each performance unique unto itself. "

JR Wolfe - The Oyster

““One of Boulder's most talked-about songstresses plays music that throws back to some of the great female songwriters of rock music history.””

Boulder Weekly

"Blues singer Jenn Cleary plays everything from high-energy rock to bitter-sweet ballads... Her wit, humor and instrumental skills are the real deal."

"Jenn Cleary has written one of the best Peace songs ever. Period."