Jenna Weintraub / Press

"On Sunday, Day 2 of Bop Fest 5 reintroduced Jenna Weintraub to the world. She's been singing with Krypton 88 for a while now, with her irresistible coquettish charm and reserve. Not this time. Weintraub has arrived as the balls-to-the-wall belter I just knew was hiding in there, clawing at the walls to get out. She and the band rocked the outdoor stage in the Village Gate courtyard and would've brought the house down had she been indoors. Viva la Weintraub!"

“Slipped over to Abilene to catch Krypton 88's second set full of croonin', swoonin', and twang. While guitarist Jim Via picks casual and cool, vocalist Jenna Weintraub works it like she owns it, and drives it like it's a rental. She will take you for a ride. Hold on to something, or someone.”

“It was over to Monty's Krown after that to dig Jenna Weintraub warble sweet ‘n' nasty. She's a little meaner than Marti Brom, a little sweeter than Wanda Jackson, but doesn't put on airs in either direction. She just tips her head back and lets it fly. It was red hot, Dixie fried, and blue with an electric bass-ified Krypton 88 providing the soundtrack to a whole lot of alcohol-fueled dancing, and making out in dark corners.”

“Singer Jenna Weintraub is a gem and plays the musical saw as well. Roots rock fans in need of an aural image need only to think of Lucinda Williams' "Sweet Baby " to get an idea of what she does.”

Jeff Spevak - Democrat and Chronicle