Jenna Paulette / Press

"...the solid AM country gold of "Never Gonna Last," which features the sweet but dusty vocals of Nashville-based Jenna Paulette, are songs that eschew first-person confessions for setting colorful stages packed with grit, hard-luck and the freedom of resignation."

““I have watched Jenna grow as artist and writer over the past few years, She makes songs her own and her personality comes through. She has a great shot at this; I’ve loved her versions of my songs and I’m looking forward to hearing more.” - Ashley Gorley, Hit Songwriter”

Ashley Gorley - Quote

“Jenna has a truly unique voice, songwriting skills beyond her age, and charisma on stage that will keep you smiling the entire show. She has a great start to her career and an extremely bright future.”

"I have listened to a lot of independent CD's over the years and just because it is recorded in Nashville doesn't mean it's a hit but that's really good. Ya, great stuff."