Jen Hajj / Press

“At a time when hate threatens to engulf the world, there are voices crying for love and peace especially Jen Hajj. Ms. Hajj’s music evokes calm and peace in the middle of the storm.”

“Jen's 2011 CD [I of the Storm] was a standout and we look forward to her upcoming release.”

“Jen Hajj [is] the kind that changes your life. She won me over. Yes, changed my life -- added music and song back into it.”

Jane Hazen - Airbnb review

““[Jen] has a lovely voice and she just brings all her energy and passion to the world with every note she sings.””

Anonymous - Reverbnation Crowd Review

“[I of the Storm] is an assured piece of work, and a subtle winner.”

“In a word - radiant.”

Wayne Martinson - personal e-mail

“Jen Hajj is a songwriter with her eyes wide open and her heart on her sleeve, singing songs to uplift others.”

“Jen Hajj is a fine songsmith and singer who has just released her debut album. It is downright delicious!”

““I of the Storm” is a powerful debut by a singer/songwriter who has what it takes to make her mark on the folk and acoustic music scene.”

“Completely blown away by Jen’s new CD, I OF THE STORM! Beautiful images emerge from her words. Jen Hajj is surely one to watch as she continues her journey of songwriting and performing.”

Ruthie Naccarato - Richochet House Concerts

“Jen Hajj’s extraordinary voice and whimsical, thoughtful, relevant and vibrant lyrics inspire a hushed atmosphere of deep listening.”

Rich Csenge - Amazing Earthfest

“Jen Hajj's voice is pristine with crystal clear intonation. Emerging from poetic eco-genres, Jen has moved into areas of self-exploration that have universal appeal. I was blown away the first time I heard her singing 'Angel Band.'”

Sharon Mitchell - Intermountain Acoustic Music Association

“Another jewel in Salt Lake City's Acoustical Music Crown, Jennifer Hajj delivers quietly powerful, intimate images.”