Jeff Yantz / Press

“If you're looking for folksy toe-tappers, sentimental melodies or moody, bordering on dark, musical creations, look no further than the new CD written, produced and performed by local singer songwriter, Jeff Yantz. 'That's the All of It', the new 10 track CD follow up to Yantz's 'Dance In The Rain' boasts an eclectic ménage of songs supported by the musical stylings of many local and hugely talented performers such as, Kevin Spear, Kyle Spear, Andrew Rogers, Andy Reed and Jeff Schrems, to name just a few. Even Yantz's young daughter Ella, got in on the act with some of the background vocals”

"...And finally, a shout out to Jeff Yantz for his outstanding harmonica playing!"

"Jeff Yantz has always been my hero ever since he stormed onto the scene with the wondrous band One Trick Ponies. His solo adventures are intriguing. I love his Dylanesque reading of Morphine and Jessica. It has a dark majesty that underscores the tension between pain and triumph."

“.....“I had a goal when I was younger that to be considered successful I would hear one of my tunes poorly done on Muzak at the grocery store,” he said. “Now I just want to be able to write. The song is the most important part of it.”.... — “Dance in the Rain” is available at amazon.com, iTunes.com or jeffyantzmusic.com. ”

“Yantz, a veteran original singer-songwriter who performs with a local original rock group, has known Najar for about five years through the Bay City Rotary Club. His song selection for the night is “Dreamer 29” off the final album he did in 2003 with his former band the One Trick Ponies. Najar had to create a new palate of sound for “Dreamer 29” as the Yantz original didn’t really have a string section. “Jeff’s thing on the other hand has no orchestral accompaniments as such, so he handed me this song and said, ‘Go for it. Do what you think it needs.’ Whenever a composer does that, it’s like handing you one of their babies and saying, ‘OK, you can dress him up. Do what you want to with it.’ That’s a big responsibility. I’ve saved his for last because it’s going to require the most creativity insofar as there’s nothing to reconstruct. I’m grateful to Jeff for giving me that chance of doing something like that with his music.” ”