“What happened fifty years ago in the life of Jeff Wyatt is now archived as the Christmas album "My Christmas Guitar". He presents variations on some beautiful Christmas songs in a personal way, for everyone to enjoyable in a bluesy way.”

“CD OF THE WEEK:... Too often, something is described as a labour of love, but once in a while comes something that truly is. The albums by Jeff Wyatt are a case in point and his third, My Christmas Guitar, drips in love. The eight songs are mostly instrumental interpretations of Christmas standards, but what makes them different is that Wyatt gives them a bluesy edge — some slide here, bent strings there — and fills them out with some subtle arrangements. When he does sing, there is a vulnerability in his voice that communicates honesty — and indeed this is a labour of love.”

“Wyatt leads a blues trio, sometimes billed as Wyatt, Berne and Howell, and has appeared at the Heritage several times. His latest album, People Do Blues, which must be a year old by now, is a little swampier and dirtier than expected. My first hearing of him was as a guitarist briefly accompanying Barry Green-field and he was more lyrical. His blues album is both lowdown and sentimental. The lowdown riffs are gritty but the occasional drift into sentiment might produce some cringing. At least, Wyatt is being honest and upfront. There's no guile here. These are real emotions and he has to be admired for expressing them.”

“What strikes you from the first time you listen is the crafty, prominent sounding deep slide sounds in all the songs. A sound in the opening song "People do Blues" which resembles Mark Knopfler's "Money for Nothing" and a beautiful instrumental sound midway in the cd "Bodhi Surfing" is a similar approach. It is obviously inspired by Mark Knopfler. In the next track, the beautiful "I just got the News" he sounds like a mix between Sonny Landreth and Ry Cooder and he mimics the sound of these 2 top guitar players effortlessly. In Acoustic Delta Blues we can hear his tribute to Robert Lee Burnside simply called "RL Burnside Blues". TO QUOTE RL'S OWN WORDS: "Well, well, well". But it gets better because "Chasing my Tail" surpasses everything prior effortlessly. Intense deep-sounding slide sounds, topped with Jeff's deep, warm voice.”

“Though Wyatt has taken three years to produce this album [People Do Blues], blues has been around a lot longer and has created traditions and modes of expression this record only begins to explore. Wyatt sings and plays with charm and those who favour a flavourful approach to swampy and slide guitar driven blues-rock to flashy but sterile blues (the curse of most contemporary blues) will like this record.”

"People do Blues" has fourteen self-written (original) songs which are all at home in the wide range of country blues, Southern rock blues, New Orleans blues and Chicago blues. People do blues ...... the title track and the instrumentals "Bodhi Surfing," "Butt Burger Boogie" might bring to mind Mark Knopfler and together with Brendan Croker introduce a new lease of life to The Notting Hillbillies and maybe provide for guitar / virtuoso Jeff Wyatt a place to provide a guest / support act .....

“When I first listened to Jeff, his music really surprised me. The first track I listened to was Part-Time Love, Full-Time Pain, and I was floored at his ability to mix blues guitar, jazz bass, furious techno-esk drums (a la David Bowie's Earthling), and a strong vocal ability....”

“His guitar playing is attractive and soulful,... his singing... is not unlike Waylon Jennings..." "His lyrics, too, have an honesty and sincerity that is appealing..." "A song such as 'CORAE CORAE' makes you wonder how good an album he'd make if he concentrated on blues-rock.”

"In as much as the style of Jeff Beck is difficult to put a label on…this album ranges from jazz rock tinted guitar numbers, pure blues rock over calm laid back ballads and country tinted songs, all the way to folk and world music."

“Jeff had a considerable professional stage presence,…His guitar riffs were strong.”

“Excerpt of Greenfield and Wyatt cd review "SONGS FROM THE ROTHSTEIN": “Greenfield’s fourth and most atmospheric album thanks to Wyatt’s stately strings and fluid guitar…”.”