Jeff Talmadge / Press

“This is clearly a Texas singer-songwriter and he carries on that fine tradition. He can create images like Townes, tunes like Guy Clark, but stays true to Jeff Talmadge.”


“As he leads you up to and through the hard truths, you will remain riveted. You know he knows where you still hurt.”


“While his lyrics have all the depth, power and subtlety of a seasoned songwriter, they also have a refreshing twist... finely crafted work!”

Splendid E-zine

“...melancholic lyrics half-spoken, half-sung with a warm baritone, with which he stands in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark... and it seems more and more he will end up in the top-drawer of the singer-songwriters guild.”


“[S]imple tales of love and death are woven with the thread of a big talent”

Americana U.K.

“...an Austin picker, soft voiced, superior lyricist, and interesting performer...”


“...gritty, country folk... reminding us that sometimes all you need to make a great song are three chords and the truth.”

Performing Songwriter

“More than a storyteller, Talmadge is a poet... he joins such artists as Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson and Lyle Lovett...”

Bob McKenzie - Sound Bytes music reviews

“Talmadge's raspy voice and understated guitar playing is the perfect complement to his storytelling”

Dirty Linen

“There is gravity in Jeff Talmadge's voice”

Tom Geddie - Buddy

“It is obvious that comparisons are made with the school of well-known Texas singer-songwriters, but Jeff Talmadge has found his own way in the larger music world”

Dutch Roots Radio

“Jeff Talmadge is capable, like no other, of communicating feelings like Townes Van Zandt. He deserves to be as well known as Guy Clark, Billy Joe Shaver, Tom Russell and Richard Dobson.”

Country Gazette

“It's a big country, the USA, and even just the state of Texas is big enough to produce songwriters of the quality of Jeff Talmadge who somehow manage to escape the attention of even quite avid fans like myself; makes you wonder how many more there are out there, one of whom might be just the songwriter you want within reach as you travel through life. Jeff Talmadge is that sort of writer, reflective and thoughtful, careful enough to tell a story in his own words and offer a personal perspective on the world around him.”