Jeff's Trippin Out / Press

“without a doubt the most charismatic of the night”

“This duo had an undeniably unique presence on stage”

“JTO brings their own brand of funked out tunes and tripped out vocals.”

“WXIN must have been tripping out when they gave this band such a high score”

“The style of music is defiantly trippy”

“The vocals seemed muddy and hard to understand. Although the actual instrumentals were good, they were there for ambiance more than anything else.”

“One striking feature of the band is their unique pacing. Many of their works will change from slow to fast (and vise versa) mid song, creating a sudden rush of lyrics.”

“Much of the music’s messages revolve around casual drug and hallucinogenic use, past relationships with girls, and reflections on life.”

“The band is focused on performing a unique experience.”

“By the description of the genres, it is a given that they would have great rhythm with a new way of looking at the craft. The band does not disappoint. Also in line with the genre the craftsmanship of the genre is also is top notch.”

“The subject nature of the songs is exploitative, and experimental.”

“...Jim laid out mostly bluesy riffs and Jeff sang a bit more. JTO is certainly experimental and psychedelic, I’d stand to be you’ll never bet quite sure what to expect at their performances...”

“...The duo provided an interesting set of originals and re-imagined covers. Jim provided steady blues, funk and ska riffs all set with Jeff providing the lyrics. JTO’s lyrical delivery was certainly unique, his singing like avant-garde poetry...”