Jeff (Siege) Siegel / Press

“The cohesion between these four players is unbelievable; so is the superhighway-broad sound of Erica Lindsey’s tenor, as is Francesca Tanksley’s power as a pianist and a composer.”

“... a brilliant drummer!”

Editor - Jazz World Magazine

“But at the end of the day, one disc went to the top of the list this spring, and stayed there the rest of the year: JEFF “SIEGE” SIEGEL QUARTET - Live in Europe (ARC)”

“'Elvin’s Circle' captures and releases drummer Elvin Jones’s spiritual high energy to the wind.”

“Siegel and his cohorts took no prisoners on their 2005 European tour, and the proof is in these excerpts from radio concerts made along the way.”

“So when do we get to hear the other performances from the two radio dates? We’d like to continue the joy we find listening to Live in Europe.”

“Magical Spaces" is the kind of CD that you want to listen to over and over. Jeff's musicality is incredible.”

Jimmy Heath - NEA Jazz Master

“He is so tasty as a percussionist and he has become a fine composer/arranger with a good melodic concept and harmonic depth.”

Jimmy Heath - NEA Jazz Master

“The group performance is remarkable.”

Jimmy Heath - NEA Jazz Master

““...Thanks for: 1. The sound of the music 2. The sound of the musicianship. 3. The sound of the music on the CD. ”

Ron Carter - NEA Jazz Master

“... Magical Spaces, is a musical offering that emphasizes not only Jeff’s fine drumming skills but displays his compositional talent as well”

Jack DeJohnette - NEA Jazz Master

“One of last year’s most blissful releases ...”

Jos Demol - Jazzmozaiek, Belgium

“Siegel and his compatriots found a field full of spaces and grew a garden of simple beauty and infinite color.”

J. Hunter - Albanyjazz.com

“It's not just "magic" on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Siegel's Straght-Ahead session merits at least 5 stars.”

Jim Santella - Cadence

“Mr. Siegel's compositional talents and tasteful drumming will leave many listeners wanting more...”

John Patten - Jazz Improv