Jeff Scott Soto / Press

“With hardly a flaw insight, this [Damage Control] could be the best release of 2012 in the melodic rock world. Perfectly executed and a real pleasure to listen to from start to finish. 9.5/10”

“This is an album [Damage Control] which confirms JSS’s standing as one of the finer exponents of AOR and fans new and old will be hoping a new dawn of creativity has broken. -SR RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 He’s Scott The Lot ”

"Bottom line is that "Damage Control" is definitely the best album that has released Jeff Scott Soto in the recent years. It is powerfull, melodic and above all his voice is as strong and passionate as before. I think that this album is a must have for the fans of melodic sound!! One of the best releases for 2012 so far!" 9/10

"Overall, Damage Control is another outstanding album from Jeff Scott Soto that is going to please the majority of his fans. You should make a point to check it out." 8/10

"Staying loyal to the game JSS delivers yet again with a little of everything from his previous records, but relaying heavily on harder riffs and crunchier guitars. Yes I like it can’t you tell?" 8/10

“Damage Control ~Review on FullMetalRock.com ~5 of 5 Stars! "A follow-up to Soto's 2009 "Beautiful Mess" - what a come-back, with a great blending of melodic AOR and hard rock influences. This extraordinary vocalist really delivers. 'Bonafide' is one the best rock ballads I have heard in a long time. 5 out of 5 stars ”

"From the opening chords of “Give A Little More,” Damage Control rocks. It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting when I pressed play, and I was pleasantly surprised." 4/5

"Fundamentally, with a JSS album you're listening for that strong voice, equally strong vocal arrangements, and big catchy songs with a strong rock groove. Damage Control delivers on all three counts." 4/5

"Soto has sung for Journey and many other bands, including Transiberian Orchestra, yet with his solo efforts he brings all of his talents to the table. Truth be told, this may be the best thing he has ever done."

"For fans of melodic rock, “Damage Control” is a solid album from start to finish and would make a great addition to any collection. Check this one out and do a little “Damage Control” of your own today."