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" Incredible Rock ! "

Dan Stevens, Pro Guitarist, Mandarin, FL - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH Cool Sound on "Dream Machine" Sounds influenced by Rush, Wolfmother, and Led Zeppelin. Cool sound!"

Hunter 99, Rock/Blues Artist, Tujunga, CA - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH you are a blessed true Talent ......"

J-Von Koo, No. 1 Rated Singer-Songwriter, Temecula, CA - Direct Quote


Peter K from the band Birke, No. 1 ranked Metal Artist, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH Awesome..Totally Enjoyed Listening In..you ARE nothing but talent oozing out my speakers...."

Twisted Folk, No. 1 Ranked Folk Artist, CANADA - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH your music is like a shock wave electrifying everthing in its path.However good things last so you will move on to bigger and better projects.Stay on top......."

The Lord of Lightning, No. 1 Rated Rock Artist, Berlin, GERMANY - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH just wanted to say what a great sound. Vocals are awesome and your guitar tones are amazing, keep rockin brother. "

Rawk-n-Roll Outlaw, No. 1 Ranked Instrumental / Hard Rock Artist, Owego, NY - Direct Quote

" Great music and vocals here Jeff Rush! "

Unknown Soldier, No. 1 Rated Instrumental Artist, ON, CANADA - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH Awesome British style Retro Hard Rock, Cool Compositions, Bad @$$ Rockin Vocals....."

ViTaY, Hard Rock Artist, Vancouver, WA - Direct Quote

" Back for some of the greatest classic rock here on Reverbnation ! "

CENTO, No. 1 Ranked Jazz Artist, Rostock, GERMANY - direct quote

" JEFF RUSH what goes up must come down ,your music is some of the best around. "

The Lord of Lightning, No. 1 Rated Rock Artist, Berlin, GERMANY - Direct Quote

" Hi my Rawkin friends JEFF RUSH, \m/ ( -_- ) \m/ really diggin ur new song ‘LIVIN' ON THE OUTSIDE’!! love the ‘AC/DC/Motley Crue’ vibes drums are furiously insane strong n bangin, driving bass line, guitar playing n solo is tremulously wild n so is ur singin/ you n band are totally ass-kicking as always *AWESOME*!! ✰ °★ ♪❤♫ when i feel like Rawkin out it’s here i come \m/ ( -_- ) \m/ ♪❤♫ °★✰ °

Belinda and Co., No. 1 Rated Experimental Artist, E. Sussex, UNITED KINGDOM - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH your music sounds so great, keep up the good work. You're the best of the best. Cheers, L....."

The Lord of Lightning, No. 1 Rated Rock / Alternative Artist, BERLIN, GERMANY - Direct Quote

" Ha JEFF RUSH! Super Cool man! You sound like Perry Farrell in the early years of Jane's Addiction. Love the vocal mix 'loud and clear.' Great music! I'll be listening. - S. H.

Surely Hubris, Dance / EDM Fusion Artist, Beverly Hills, CA - Direct Quote

" Man, oh, Man.... you just amaze me with your singing JEFF RUSH. One of the best out there. "

Tom Hedrick, Indie / Power Pop Artist, Minneapolis MN - Direct Quote

" LOVE INFECTION...just LOVE this JEFF RUSH...its got a fantastic vibe. Its like Led Zep meets total originality that only you can bring. Love the guitar and your vocals are TOP CLASS mate. EXCELLENT. "

Steve Inglis, No. 1 Rated Alternative / Ambient Artist, United Kingdom - Direct Quote

" Diggin' your driving rock especially 'Freedom Heart' and 'Black Widow.' Best Wishes JEFF RUSH ....."

The Love Daleks, No. 1 Ranked Rock Artist, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND - Direct Quote

" Strong Powerful Rocking JEFF RUSH, I've got to share you with my good friend ~ Brother ... Manger Art Lekey.. Wow ... Awesome ... "

Songs of Debara, No. 1 Ranked Singer/Songwriter, St George, UT - Direct Quote

" Hey JEFF RUSH, ROCKIN' Tunes and you have an Great Voice! Peace.... "

Jed McConkey, No. 1 Ranked Acoustic/Experimental Artist, Belfast, UK - Direct Quote

" You have a wonderful voice Jeff, just like a teenage sensation; very beautiful !! Just finished listening and enjoyed it thoroughly...."

Pop Rock for Humanity, No. 1 Rated Rock Artist, Ghaziabad, INDIA - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH you one of hardest out...."

Don Twan on the Track, Promoter, Cleveland, OH - Direct Quote

" Rockya... more proof of your profound talent. JEFF RUSH you carry the torch for rock that lives by an undeniable groove, killer riffs and melodies that never let go....."

Tom Hedrick, Indie / Power Pop Artist, Minnieapolis, MN - Direct Quote

" Empowering, feel good RockNRoll, it doesn't get much better than that! RocK on JEFF RUSH ! "

Trixter2109, Ambient / Experimental Artist, Sacramento, CA - Direct Quote

" Hi JEFF RUSH, Love your fist pounding Rock N Roll tunes and amazing vocals. Absolutely love Winter Song., it just kicks ass! You should be number one, you're too amazing. Rock On!!!! "

Silver Knuckle, No. 1 Rated Punk/ Alternative Artist, Winnipeg, CANADA - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH listen to the sounds and listen to the beat.All I know is your music sounds sweet.Your the best of the best cause you passed the test.All the love...."

Lord of Lightning, No. 1 Rated Alternative / Funk Artist, Berlin, GERMANY - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, Rockya...is the music of someone who should NOT be on RN but on the WORLD'S STAGE. This is superb. Great ROCK. "

Steve Inglis, No. 1 Rated Alternative / Pop Artist, Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM - Direct

" Yeah for real, JEFF RUSH I love hair metal and i know a good singer when i hear one and you got IT! "

Silent Matt, Rock Artist, Kent, OH - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH love your music. Pure Rock n Roll madness. Great songs, great riffs, awesome vocals. Its nice to hear some real passionate music, you don't hear much of that these days, and I'm a Rock n Roll maniac for life. Rock, Metal, Punk. Its gotta have guitars for me, Stripped down or wicked shredding. You kick ass! Keep Rockin hard dude.. Will be visiting your page often. Peace "

Silver Knuckle, No. 1 Rated Punk / Alternative Artist, Winnipeg, CANADA - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH , sooper-swell, hard dadburned rock!!! Enjoyed the production and deep pocket resonance of your drummon!!! Keep on keepin' on with your special rockin' vox gift!!! "

Bumtunez, Singer / Songwriter, Austin, TX - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, that is a rocking video for a rocking song...' FINGER ON THE TRIGGER '...vocals are up there with Robert Plant & Steve Perry! "

Sur Rod, Alternative / Rock Artist, Nashville, TN - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH you gotta play New York, New York man, Plant meets Geddy Lee, Meets Ozzy ! "

Dolly Spartans, No. 1 Rated Alternative / Indie Artist, New York , NY - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH great vocals and guitar work showcased by some superb, Zeppelinesque songs. Very impressed by your Jimmyness!...."

Rebecca Bruni , Pop Artist, Cardiff, UK - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH great as always with Jeff Rush's unique voice, placed between the greatest rock singers like Robert P. and many others "

Cento, No. 1 Ranked Jazz / Acoustic Artist, Rostock , DE, GERMANY - Direct Quote

" Hell yeah, JEFF RUSH you know how to kick it's ass! Turning it up in Springfield Mo.!!! "

Rage From Grace, No. 1 Rated Rock Artist, Springfield, MO - direct quote

" JEFF RUSH....the best of the best ! "

MaryAnn, No. 1 ranked Folk/ Adult Contemporary Artist, Swartswood, NJ - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH! Dude, you can really sing! "

Silent Matt, Rock Artist, Kent, OH - Direct Quote

" Great stuff I really enjoy Rattlesnake Man!!! Keep rocking like that JEFF RUSH! "

Abiel Mascarejazz and Tokyo Blues, No. 1 Rated Artist, Monterry, MEXICO - Direct Quote

" Hello JEFF RUSH!! Thank you for adding to the mind. Great hightone voice!! ROCKKKK!!!! : ) Power of music. From Japan. "

NNOONN, No. 1 ranked Alternative / Progressive artist, Tachikawa, JAPAN - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH has a wonderful voice with superb range ! "

Steve Bonino, Rock Artist, Racho Santa Margarita, California - Direct Quote

" F#$%ing kickass badass rock n roll! Right on man!! Awesome!! Ever play in Toronto lets do a show together ! JEFF RUSH you rock man!! "

Chris Wilson Oshawa, Rock Artist, Ontario, Canada - Direct Quote

" Brilliant hard rock with brilliant guitar work and a brilliant voice: Perfect T&A from JEFF RUSH ! "

CENTO, No. 1 Ranked Jazz / Acoustic Artist, Rostock, Germany - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, your vocals really remind me of the band Fastway and just the unique music in that film Trick or Treat. Y'all have a killer sound Jeff, keep it up man !"

Whiskey Child, Rock / Alternative Artist, Atlanta, GA - Direct Quote

" You/re probably one of the best. Yep a rock singer and you're great..Be well JEFF RUSH. Love your voice..Nice! ...=_"

Maryann, No. 1 rated Folk / Adult Contemporary Artist, Smartswood, NJ - Direct Quote

" Great Rocking Sound With Well Produced awesome Blend Of Heavy Metal Rock !!!!! JEFF RUSH Five Star Rating ***** . Outstanding Vocals! ".

Mactrak Friends - Direct Quote

" "Dream machine", a retrune to the future for us! Brilliant! "

Glasnotz, Indie / Pop Artist, Nantes FRANCE - Direct Quote

" Listening to STRUNG OUT...JEFF RUSH, your music is as hot as the flames on your page!...You might as well be one of the greats on the rock/metal scene! ~ Rod "

Sur Rod, Pop / Alternative Artist, Nashville, TN - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH You rock! Great big voice !!! "

Jason D. Kuhar - Dierct Quote

" Dear JEFF RUSH, You have come highly recommended by your musik friend band and fan Belinda & Co. Musik is EVERYTHING expresses all that exists & has the ability to Heal and help open our hearts and minds. I am so happy and overwhelmed to be here to support you and have a ticket to explore the Significance of your musik. I believe you and musik have the values and Integrity to help change the world! All my respect and musikal appreciations as I treasure and cherish every note, and all the nuances of your song “FREEDOM HEART” Don’t want to be a captive anymore FREEDOM HEART all the way to the hearts of human beings! YOU ROCK! Unexpected, without warning, without notice you blow a tornado of power with your efficient energy! A very Blessed 2014! Love Nappy Sunbeam.. This light of yours you gotta let it shine. ❈"

Nappy Sunbeam , No. 1 rated Blues Artist / Songwriter, UK - Direct Quote

" Great music JEFF RUSH ! Instrumentals and vocals are excellent. "

Kid's Rock Machine, Rock / Hard Rock Artist, FRANCE - Direct Quote

" Good music that really rocks, JEFF RUSH "

H. M. Stockhaus, No. 2 rated Alternative Aritst, Kiel , DE, GERMANY - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH , Jimmy Page would be proud of that first track, ' Dream Machine. ' Sounds like an outtake from ' Houses of the Holy! ' Great guitar work, very innovative! "

David Layton no. 2 rated Blues/ Rock / Soul Artist, Newport, UK - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH - they wrote that you got the BIG sound. you all are gonna make it. Keep rokin'. Intros are awesome, just do NOT have one boring stanza. Until you make it BIG ! "

Peter Sandzen, JEFF RUSH Fan - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, Your music is Rockin.....the tone of your voice almost sounds close to Axl Rose, which is a great thing. I've always loved his voice. OneLove! "

Cheetah Black, No. 1 rated Alternative / Rock Artist, Huntingtown, MD - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH you are a top talent. Your music is what we need more of in today's scene. Too many people tell me that real rock and roll is gone, and your music proves that it isn't! It takes us back to a time when rock and roll was on top, the metal of the 80s and that sound we all miss so much! Anyone has any doubt , I will direct them to your page, and have them listen...it's still on top with JEFF RUSH! Keep rockin' and rollin' all the way to the top!! Peace and best wishes to you and your rockin music!! "

Shocking Dawn, Electronica Artist, Denton, TX - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, Very rocking and unique. Kinda old school and modern at the same time. Rocking to Winter Song. Dig it! "

Judson Klein, Indie / Alternative Artist, Wethersfield, CT - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, Brilliant playing, impressive performances! "

Together Alone, No. 1 rated Alternative / Punk Rock Artist, Kalmar, SWEDEN - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH Your stuff reminds me of Jimmy Pages solo album Outsider which is a huge compliment to you!!!!!! "

Elvis Proctor, No. 1 rated Alternative Artist, Chanute, KS - Direct Quote

" Rocking music JEFF RUSH ! Love your vibe! Wishing you much joy and success along the way! I'll be listening. "

Vinod Kumar, No. 1 rated R and B Artist, Noida, INDIA - Direct Quote

" Because it's cold in Germany I need a hot Winter song - awesome voice, JEFF RUSH... "

Cento, No. 1 rated Jazz / Acoustic Artist, Rostock, DE - Direct Quote

" Stunning rock music!! Yeah!!... Keep up your great talent JEFF RUSH !! "

Nagasus, Rock / Symphonic Artist, Semarang, INDONESIA - Direct Quote

" Having a listen to "Winter song" today, yea, we need our hearts warmed up during these cold months, cool guitar solo, and powerful vocals made to sing rock 'n' roll. "

Kim Guthrie, No. 1 Rated Singer / Songwriter, Springfield, OH - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH we are loving ' Dream Machine ' now. Excellent Vocals & Riffs! Energizing! Thanks for sharing your gift with us! "

Nurakh, No. 2 rated Electronica / Rock Artist, Cleveland, OH - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, Outstanding songs and musicianship. Wish you great success. "

Greg Stevenson, Pop/ Rock Artist, Portage, WI - Direct Quote

" Hi JEFF RUSH! I have to mention "Winter Song" I'm sharing it on my facebook page. Loved the listen - great talent shining through. Beautiful voice! "

Darren Cinque, Pop Singer / Songwriter, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - Direct Quote

" Hey there JEFF RUSH ! I'm LOVIN' Your music; awesome, stadium sized Classic Rock/metal anthems, incredible driving guitar riffs that really thrust the energy of the song forward, uplifting catchy melodies with a cool 'driving anthem' vibe. Also I love the dark gothic imagery & sense of adventure in Ur lyrics! U also have a real powerhouse of a Rock voice with an incredible chest belting range, very reminiscent of Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin! I can also hear bit of Status Quo in tight song structures; espesh "Dream Machine" & "Freedom Heart! "

Jamie Connolly, No. 1 Rated Indie / Alternative Artist, Bromsgrove, UK - Direct Quote

" Great work JEFF RUSH ! I just love your tunes, got a cool attitude. Keep it up. "

Westman, Rock Artist, Hgans, SWEDEN - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH Great songs man, keep going on.... greetings from Brasil! "

Mario Megatallica No. 1 Rated Metal / Rock Artist, Golania, BRAZIL - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH You are great. We like your songs very much especially ' Freedom Heart '...We will listen to it every day..."

Viche, No. 2 Rated Rock Artist, Zrenjanin, Serbia - Direct Quote

" WOW Lights out rock ! "

Johnny D. Lewis, Acoustic Folk Artist, Plant City, FL - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH it's great to hear REAL rock and roll music like yours! Keep rockin' n rollin' all the way to the top ! "

Shocking Dawn, Electronica Artist, Denton, TX - Direct Quote

" Powerful rock JEFF RUSH. Keep it up! "

Virus B, No. 1 Rated Experimental / Electro Artist, PARIS, FRANCE - Direct Quote

" Back for more JEFF RUSH...loving "Dream Machine" this morning! Such a great track. stellar vocals and fabulous energy!!!"

Brennagh Burns, No. 1 Rated Singer / Songwriter, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - Direct Quote

" Time to get back in the Dream Machine with JEFF RUSH at the wheel. Some good rock & roll from a very talented musician! "

Del Thompson, Singer / Songwriter, Bismarck, ND - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH Great rockin' songs and voice !"

Isa Conar and White Weapons, Rock Artist, POLAND - Direct Quote


Ethic , Metal Artist, Roanoke ,VA - Direct Quote

" Cool tunes over here... Wishing you all the best from Greece !!! "

Floating Worlds, Metal / Rock/ Soundtrack Artist, Athens, Greece - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, Great music here love the Led Zeppelin vibe on the vocals. "

Right On Side, Pop / Folk Rock Artist, Chichester, UK - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, your sound is great man. Reminds me of the classic Boston sound. A great band not forgotten. Cheers! MyRiaN "

Myrian Jaimz, Rock / Punk / Pop Artist, Oakville, Ontario, Canada - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, stopping by for the Rushhh of your music! "

Del Thompson, Singer / Songwriter, Bismarck, ND - Direct Quote

" Taking a ride with JEFF RUSH in his magic ' DREAM MACHINE.' Classic Zeppelin sound here. "

Kenny Heroux, No. 1 rated Singer / Songwriter, Lakeview, AR - Direct Quote

" Back for a "Lighting Fire ! ", JEFF RUSH - and to hear this awesome voice, Classic Rock lives on! "

Cento, No. 1 Rated Jazz / Prog Rock Artist, Rostock, GERMANY - Direct Quote

" Great music JEFF RUSH! Man you have a set of pipes that won't quit! Wow! Good luck and keep the music coming."

Michael Egleton, Blues / Jazz / Soul Artist, Akron, OH - Direct Quote

" Very nice ....JEFF RUSH, Rock on love your voice"

Virginia Grey, Country Artist, Petal, MS - Direct Quote

" ' Jailhouse ': cool guitar work JEFF RUSH, and a voice like Robert Plant !! "

Cento, No. 1 Rated Jazz / Progressive Rock Artist, Rostock, DE - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, your rock is very great. Nice sounds, nice tunes. Excellent "JAILHOUSE "

Anima 81, No. 1 Rated Ambient Artist, Lescure-d'Albigeois, FRANCE - Direct Quote

" Great guitar and vocals JEFF RUSH !!! Amazing music and sound!!! Cheers!! "

Fernando Sion, Pop/ Rock/ Ballad Artist, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Direct Quote

" Great job JEFF RUSH, tight, heavy and rockin', good for my ears. Lots of talent and a whole lotta fun. Rock on! "

Greg Harry, No. 1 Rated Singer / Songwriter, Marletta, GA - Direct Quote

" Whoa! incredible voice - high energy music - great stuff JEFF RUSH ! "

David P. Reinen Jazz / Latin / R & B Artist, Beaverton, OR - Direct Quote

" We are loving the power, awesome vocals and cool writing. Best of all -- your performances are so earnest!!!! "

The Professor and Naomi Kay, Pop / Rock / Indie Artists, Kingston, ON , Canada - Direct Quote

" Yes JEFF RUSH's music is a great blend of Faster Pussycat and Van Halen, clear blue sky voice and cool groove and melodies, well done mate !!! "

Sonic Winter, Rock / Prog Rock Artist, Glasgow, UK - Direct Quote

" Digging "Sweet Delilah" today! Man, JEFF RUSH every time I hear your vocals I think "This guy should be a huge star!" Awesome melodies and top-notch, professional delivery! "

The Space Sharks, Rock / Indie Band, Sykesville, MD - Direct Quote

" Superb Rockin' Rock, great vocal delivery that has great stadium crowd appeal. Pleased to have found your music and page JEFF RUSH, fantastic sounds... "

Johnny Bonkers, Pro Recording Artist, London, UK - Direct Quote

“70's, 80's hard rock Fuel-Injected into a 2013 angle..."”

MIles Brash, Composer / Musician, Mandarin, FL - Direct Quote

" Damn, JEFF RUSH "Winter Song" kicks ass! Always love your vocal style, man. Cool melody that's instantly accessible. Nice rasp and perfect pitch! Cool solos, too! You guys ROCK!!! "

The Space Sharks, Rock / Indie Band, Sykesville, MD - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH got my head phones on and turned up loud, been listening to your awesome song ‘Winter Song,’ totally Rawks \m/ ( -_- ) \m/ . You are melting the icicles away with your awesome music and song. amazing riffs, voice, lyrics and your guitar playing shines and cuts like a knife through ice. Solar sonic work!! Keep rawkin' guys you have got great awesome music!!"

Belinda & Co., No. 1 Rated Cinematic Artist, E. Sussex, UK - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH, I am back to listen to your most potent voodoo. "The Light" is a great song. Socks you right between the eyes. "

Tom Hendrick, Indie/ Power Pop Artist, Minneapolis, MN - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH has a tremendous vocal range....... a range that most singers, no matter how hard they try, cannot obtain...."

M. C. , Orange Park, Florida - direct quote

"This kicks a...... Well done JEFF RUSH love the power and passion you have, Page and Plant kinda feeling and I like that..."

Bobby McIntyre, No. 1 U.S. National Artist, All Genres, Reverbnation.com - Direct Quote

" Explode with all emotion and you create great music like this JEFF RUSH! \m/ "

Concrete Injection, Metal / Hard Rock Artist, Saint Paul , MN - Direct Quote

" Your bio sums it up well.. Led Zeppelin meets Def Leppard... great songs JEFF RUSH ."

Kenny Heroux, Singer / Songwriter, Lakeview, AR - Direct Quote

" Love the vocals! Great job, JEFF RUSH ! Keep it up! "

XO, No. 1 Rated Dance / Indie Artist, Austin, TX - Direct Quote


Linwood Riverside, Singer / Songwriter, Rialto, CA - Direct Quote

" Exceptional songwriting and superb vocal talent..."

Stevie James, Guitarist, Orange Park, FL - Direct Quote

"Totally diggin' the late 70's hard-rock vibe. Great riffs and awesome vocals. Well done gents!..."

Zues Rooster, Rock/ Alternative band, Sugar Land, Texas - direct quote

"JEFF RUSH the intention that makes any act of rock-n-roll magic 'Freedom Heart' kills it it is ever justifiable great vocals and heavy guitar and the drums that is like a magic tempo. Hell yeah great music and band Keep on Rocking \m/"

Black Lung, No. 1 Artist, Denver, CO - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH is Awesome hard rock, amazing vocals ! "

Quintessential, No.1 Ranked Metal Band, Timbo, SC, BRAZIL - Direct Quote

"This music has it all....great vocals and great instrumentation...JEFF RUSH, dude you rock ! "

Thestinkfinger, No. 1 rated Rock band, Deville, LA - Direct Quote

" Simply Amazing ! "

Watzreal, Hip Hop Artist, San Francisco, CA - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH proves himself as an awesome vocalist. Jeff's vocal range is amazing. Not many singers have the capabilities that Jeff demonstrates..."

A.G., Palm Springs, California - direct quote

"JEFF RUSH 'Dream Machine' and 'Freedom Heart,' two heavy rock tunes me likey. I especially like your high voice, that's really unique. Keep on rockin' brother... "

Evan Paull, Recording Artist, Toronto, Canada - Direct Quote

" JEFF RUSH sounds like Styx and Motely Crue had a baby. likey !"

Elip Tic, No. 1 Rated Alternative / Rock Band, Kallua, HI - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH Absolutely outstanding …great rock vibe ... can't wait to hear more..."

New TribeZ Radio, AUSTRALIA - Direct Quote

" ' Rock with a twist.' The twist of course is the cosmic rush produced when old school meets modernity. The music of JEFF RUSH is bleeding into the collective consciousness a singularity where 1986 exists parallel with 2013. There is something pure and interesting that continually draws our attention back to Jeff Rush."

Coleville, No.1 Ranked Alternative Rock Artist, New Castle, PA - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH ' DREAM MACHINE ' rocks in the vein of some of the greats such as Rush and Led Zeppelin! Rock it Jeff! ~ Rod"

Sur Rod, Rock/Pop Recording Artst, Nashville, TN - Direct Quote

"Wildly expansive vocals...lovin' it. Keep it comin'..."

Swamphammer band, San Mateo, CA - quote

"JEFF RUSH is amazing at covering Led Zeppelin...close your eyes when Jeff is performing...you'd swear Robert Plant is singing right in front of you...."

M. W., Drummer Extraordinaire, Daytona Beach, Florida - direct quote

" ' SWEET DELILAH ' is a great song JEFF RUSH. You've Got an awesome energetic voice. Total energy charged tracks, with great guitar playing.. You Rock Jeff."

Jan Schnell, No. 1 Artist in Copenhagen, DK, Reverbnation - Direct Quote

"I've been watching /hearing JEFF RUSH perform for several years now..Jeff is one of the best singers in the state."

C. C., St. Augustine, Florida - direct quote

" Awesome tracks! Terrific vocals and great musical power and energy! ..."

Slam Horse, No. 2 Artist, Reverbnation - Direct Quote

"JEFF RUSH is one of the best singers in Florida..."

T.H., Guitarist, Orlando, Florida - direct quote

"I recently heard JEFF RUSH perform live...to me Jeff's voice sounds almost exactly like Jack Russell from 'Great White.' JEFF RUSH...........a fantastic voice...."

C.D.L., Sorrento, Florida - direct quote

“OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://tinyurl.com/jeffrush”

“--"A VERY STRONG AND POWERFUL VOICE...JEFF RUSH'S songs are fresh with new ideas in rock...."”

M C, Jacksonville, FL - direct quote

"JEFF RUSH has a slammin' voice...and a very strong range..."

John Rainey, Pro Guitarist, formerly with Foghat, Dirty Looks - direct quote

"i've been looking for a singer like JEFF RUSH for a long time...AWESOME VOCALS! I wish Jeff lived closer so he could be in our band..."

H. S., World Class Drummer, Provo, Utah - direct quote

"JEFF RUSH's vocals often sound like Steve Perry of Journey"...

W.S., Jacksonivlle, FL - direct quote