Jeff Reeder / Press

“Jeff, "Where the Stars & Stripes and Eagle Flies" is outstanding, it's gotta Marshall Tucker vibe and sounds awesome! (Rocko-Pete R) & JV The Honest Mistake Band ”


“Hey Jeff. Solid! Matthew "Matty Koolaid" Panek”

“really beautiful music, thank you to share this great piece of arts. you've got a new fan. best regards Bial ”

Bial - Reverbnation

“Always love a good blues man, great tunes Jeff! We're a newly formed band in KC.”

Dinsdale - Reverbnation.com

“Thank you very much for fanning back! Loving these licks. You've probably heard it before, but "Evolutionary Space" has a real Pink Floyd sound, in particular your guitar playing reminds me a lot of Gilmour, who is one of my absolute favorites and ridiculously underrated. Love your blues chops too, sir. Rock on.~Aaron Dozer”


“totally diggin these tunes..it's always a thrill to hear passionate musicians improvising and exploring ideas in this way..i really like your tight pickin style on "preaching blues", and was knocked out by the sound on "guitar web"..this is some seriously low-down blues playing..a real pleasure to listen!!”

Mike White Presents - Reverbnation

“THIS IS NOT MUSIC FOR SISSIES!!! These are grooves scraped off hard-won battles, and served with power, and a refreshing, unabashed honesty that drives you smooth and easy through every bridge and riff, and solo. You lookin for real? You just found it.”

“WOW!!!! I love your music!!! You have A LOT of talent!! MUCH Respect from New Orleans! ”

“Jeff, it has been way too long... sorry we have not been by to listen more often, the days just seem too short. Forgot what a fine musical repertoire of songs you have here. - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation

“Hi Just to let you know i love your music, especially the guitar ;-) Cheers ”

“Very nice grooves Bro! Keep feeding this animal and I'll be sure never to go groove hungry again. Thanks for keeping on and ease on easy rider.”

“We enjoyed visiting your site and hearing your tracks! The best to you here on REVERBNATION….Sending respect and feeling the love…BATTLE MAIDEN MUSIC/Maude, Joe, Scott, and Pat.”

“Very awesome!! Makes you want to move! That´s the way music should be!”

“Special thanks to Jeff Reeder for his mercenary " axe work" this last week.....we had both guitars on vacation and he filled in beautifully......a prince of a guy as well...you could look a long time in the music business and not find a nicer guy.... ”

“Another great musician from KC. You had our ears with the first bars of 'Got No Home' and that scat singing with the wah wah was too cool for school. Nice variety of songs and playing. Another fav was 'Brother Louie' sounds like the same cut that's on Anonymousmuse's page but we loved playin' again. Great latin groove man, just love it... our kinda music. See you on the flip side bruv. Cheers from Klint, Tony and Domenic -TPK”

The Pizza Kings - Reverbnation Artist

“Thanx bro!...I dig your sound! ....please! ..continue!”