Jeff Posey / Press

“If there is a theme to 'REDEMPTION', it is the magic in the story.”

“Punchers & Poets & Wildhorse Redemption is an amazing new piece of Americana music.”

Kelly Henkins - The Country Angel

“PUNCHERS & POETS & WILDHORSE REDEMPTION "is just as his charming as his debut, POCKETFUL (2005 Album of the Year nominee)”

Danny McCloskey - The Alternate Root

“Jeff ‘Wildhorse’ Posey lends his nickname and demeanor to the four-legged freedom that gallops through 'Wildhorse Redemption'”.”

Danny McCloskey - The Alternate Root

“From the first strum of his guitar...to the last chord of Turn Out the Horses and every note in between you have a solid sense of who Jeff Posey is, both as a man and a songwriter. (On Mighty Rider)”

“There is something magical in this CD (Mighty Rider).”

“I love this album, MIGHTY RIDER! 'Tahoka Highway' gives me cold chills.”

“He’s a tunesmith and a lyrical genius who’s not afraid to tap into his soul, or the soul of humanity. ”

Mike Blakely - Spur Award-winning Novelist/Songwriter

“Jeff is a real cowboy, a wise mystic, a hopeless romantic & a deep cat. MIGHTY RIDER is as Texas & as Texas Hill Country as your likely to hear, just like Jeff himself.”

Walt Wilkins - Songwriter/Producer

“MIGHTY RIDER is tender and sincere Americana.”

Michael Morgan - Ariel Publicity

“Poetic simplicity...anthemic and dramatic...the singer's poignant lyrics and occasional delicate vocal whispers will inspire fans of Neil Young-style Americana and country.”

Michael Morgan - Ariel Publicity

“Mighty Rider is a truly bold artistic statement from one of the coolest & earthiest writers I know. ”

Walt Wilkins - Songwriter/Producer

“Jeff Posey doesn’t just write a song. He feels it, crafts it, hones it, and nurtures it to life.”

Mike Blakely - Songwriter/Spur Award-winning Novelist

“Mighty Rider by Jeff Posey and the story behind this song....is a solid winner on Range Radio...The Voice of the West. ”

“Jeff Posey's musical works are of a humble yet profound humanness that speaks to the heart and soul of each of us. ”

Paula Reynolds - Founder, Hill Country House Concerts

"Mighty Rider is Cowboy-Americana at it's laid-back cowboy coolest! A refreshing new sound. Memorably touching stories. Honest, poignant lyrics."

Mark Mundy - Texas Renegade Radio, Dallas, TX