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“With this third CD, Jeff Oster enters edgier terrain with an even more personal sound. Surrender is an album of 21st century lounge music, morphed through soulful melodies, snaky grooves and film noir textures. With a trumpet sound that seems as if it were blown in Rudy Van Gelder’s studio circa 1958 and then electrified, Jeff Oster has made music for dark nights and rain-swept city streets. But this is thoroughly modern music which is by turns growling, slinky, seductive and trancey. While the influences are apparent – Miles, Hassell, Isham – he’s synthesized them into his own mood-evoking music: a dark, smoke-filled lounge of liquid neon and tarnished chrome. Surrender is the Echoes CD of the Month for September. - John Diliberto ”

“There’s something so elegant, so funereal, so stately about the sound of the trumpet and its sister, the flugelhorn. Certain progressive rock groups including Mark Isham’s band Group 87 and the late, great Finnish master composer Pekka Pohjola each used the trumpet to great effect, and then don’t forget Jon Hassell and his otherworldly trumpet work with Brian Eno. So now in 2011 along comes master trumpeter Jeff Oster and his amazing album entitled Surrender. Whereas a master trumpeter such as Chris Botti is content to go commercial, credit his producer mastermind Bobby Colomby, Oster is very experimental in his approach—here reminiscent of Miles Davis produced by Eno. The majority of music here is completely instrumental, making Surrender the perfect choice for trumpet fans, New Age classical fans and ambient / electronic listeners who are looking for some fantastic sonic thrill. New Age and neoclassic art-rock fans, miss this at your own risk. ”

“A bunch of old jazz/new agers aren't content to live in the past and come in with a forward thinking down tempo set that leaves their formidable pasts in the dust. Opening with a down tempo revisioning of "Looking Out for Love", complete with the grunts, this is some trippy head music that takes you down back alleys, unlit corridors and is unmistakably white urban stuff that floats on a cloud through parts of town you've never been before. If your mortgage is under water, this set will make perfect sense when you fire up a doob. ”

“One thing that distinguishes Jeff from nearly every other musician in this genre is his choice of instruments, which are trumpet and flugelhorn – not exactly the first ones that come to mind when thinking about ambient music. While there is some precedent for this with artists like Mark Isham, Jon Hassell, David Hoffman, and even Miles Davis (particularly on his classic “In A Silent Way” album and subsequent “electric” period), Jeff is charting new sonic territory in his expansion of these instruments into a context of electronica, downtempo grooves, and loop based electro-orchestral bed tracks. Incidentally, his two previous releases were voted Album of the Year by broadcasters worldwide as well as both reaching #1 on Echoes. On “Surrender” Jeff Oster has brought together talented collaborators, diverse musical elements, and a passion to explore, creating an album that is contemporary, innovative, and highly recommended.”

“I’m not a trumpet guy, but I like good music regardless of the instrument, and this album had my ears entranced from the first track to the last. Jeff Oster is more in tune with the cool fusion of trumpet icons Miles Davis and Herb Alpert, the latter of whom is paid tribute to on the standout track, “Essence of Herb.” Oster lays his trumpet, flugelhorn, and synthesizer tones over hip-hop and techno backbeats programmed by co-composer and sound designer Bryan Carrigan. The result is an intoxicating blend of jazz, new age, and urban styles. What makes Oster’s playing, and ultimately his music, accessible is that rather than blow off as many notes as possible per second, as is the case with standard jazz trumpet playing, he coaxes and conjures, much like a snake charmer. ...Surrender is as near-perfect as an album can get. ”

““There have been a million recordings of horn players, some of them utterly brilliant, but in all these recordings there has never been anyone who incorporates so many influences or blurs genres or traditions as gracefully as Jeff Oster does. The elements are familiar, but the synthesis is unique. This is a milestone recording." ”

Will Ackerman - TRUE - Album notes

“Ackerman takes Oster to the next level as the producer of True, an exciting yet relaxing, spiritually inspiring, musically challenging work that blends graceful melodies with edgy electronic new age, otherworldly soundscapes, and artful touches of exotica...”

“When Animal Media Foundation founder Dexter Brown approached trumpet and flugelhorn player Jeff Oster about contributing a song to the double CD Giving Animals a Voice Through Music: The Best Friends 25th Anniversary Collection, Oster didn’t needed any arm-twisting. check out the interview!”

“Oster describes his original ambient music as "Miles Davis meets Enya. It's very relaxed and emotionally fulfilling music." And it's never the same twice.”

“All That Cassini Jazz: Musician Uses Saturn's True Voice to Make Beautiful Music”

“Leader of the Band: Jeff Oster’s financial career gives him the freedom and business know-how to be a player in the entertainment arena.”

“The Sounds of Saturn: Jazz musician and composer Jeff Oster has incorporated the eerie sounds of Saturn’s auroras into a jazz piece called “Saturn Calling”, which won a 2008 Independent Music Award in the New Age category. ”

“True is a celebration of passion, artistry, soul and engineering/production wizardry...one is left to ponder the heights Oster (and company) may reach. Highly recommended. ”

"Jeff Oster writes and plays music like a child feels sunlight. This is a milestone recording." Will Ackerman Windham County, VT - June 2007

Will Ackerman - True Liner Notes

"I have recorded many of the world's greatest trumpet and flugelhorn players... Talk about tone, intonation, phrasing and all things wonderful about the instrument, Jeff has it all... Listen to this fabulous music with open ears and open hearts, please..."

Bruce Swedien - TRUE Liner Notes