Jeff Mix and The Songhearts / Press

“Picked as one of the best albums of 2017. It’s hard to believe this is Mix’s debut album. It is that good. Lost Vegas Hiway is a reminder of how good country music can be when it’s from an original mind with a singular vision. A multi-media concept album that includes a well-produced movie tells stories traditional to country music. The twist is the looks at the darker edges of one of America’s prime tourist stops and show places. It is all about losers, dreamers, cheaters and redeemers.”

“Picked as one of the best soundtracks of 2017. With this indie film and its soundtrack, creator Jeff Mix and his band the Songhearts share a spellbinding story about a group of ne’re-do-wells encamped at a shady Las Vegas motel, adrawn together by gunshots that ring in the middle of the night. “You’d hock your gun for bullets before you realize I’ve got a tongue like the devil and mouth full of lies,” Mix declares early on, setting up a tale of strange circumstance and intrigue.Yet as spellbinding as this story is, the music remains warm and accessible — shimmery country rock of the most inviting variety.”

“Chosen as one of the best soundtracks of 2017 by Gigwise.com, Jeff Mix’s album and movie Lost Vegas Hiway is an innovative approach to releasing music and stretching the concept of a music video to new limits. The movie and the songs that fuel it are a worthwhile and engaging experience. Once I started watching, I had a hard time stopping despite the fact I had other responsibilities to attend to. However, I have finally seen it the entire way through and this is excellent art and creative limits being pushed to their limits.”

"an ambitious companion piece to his debut album of the same name, the hour-long independent film Lost Vegas Hiway follows a handful of disparate dreamers and down-and-outers"

“To up the ante, Jeff Mix created a film that complements the songs on Lost Vegas Hiway, his debut album with lots of firsts”

“Jeff Mix has written a film that mirrors his tunes: gritty, homespun, world-weary in places yet ultimately defined by a hard-fought resolve. The rootsy singer-songwriter’s flick, “Lost Vegas Hiway,” which is set at the Gateway Hotel and was mostly shot in Vegas, is a Robert Altman-esque, intertwined narrative of various characters lives intersecting.”

“Jeff Mix & The Songhearts took the tempo down with some Zepplin-esque long notes before kicking it up with their Vegas-reference heavy material, which includes tracks like “Fremont Street.” This testimony to the group’s local roots is the only thing that screams “native,” though, as their sound is very honky-tonk meets smooth American rock, an analog heart that burns through our Sin City neon and EDM.”

“To say it was well received would be a huge understatement. The audience loved every delicious minute of it.”

““Imagine if Beyoncé’s Lemonade took place at a dive motel in Vegas but with rootsy Americana tunes.” Who’s not on board after a teaser like that?”

“Featured as a Daily Find on American Songwriter. http://www.americansongwriter.com/2013/10/daily-discovery-jeff-mix-find-way/”