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“Jeff and Dean Lofton trumpet their love By Helen Anders Years before they met and fell in love, Dean and Jeff Lofton marched together as trumpet players in the University of South Carolina Band. How fitting is that? Jeff is a professional jazz trumpeter, and writer-publicist Dean spends much of her time tooting her husband's horn. .... The two live, think and breathe jazz, and the result is an upbeat life they yearn to share with everybody they meet. "We're trying to convert strangers into jazz fans," Dean says. ”

“A talented, open-minded musician, composer and bandleader, Lofton is faithfully committed to the music he plays. Here is a man with a mission: bring jazz power to the people, ideally contributing to return jazz to a central position in the life-art-business triangle.”

“The last time local jazzman Jeff Lofton graced the stage at the iconic Cactus Cafe it was for a sold-out Antonio Jobim tribute in August. Now Lofton returns ... for a show titled "Jeff Lofton Plays Cole Porter." As always, the music of this great composer will get an amazing treatment by one of Austin's most innovative creators.”

“A Swingin' Trio - review - Austin Film Festival: Kelvin Phillips and Carla Jackson's first feature is a tense tale of secrets, lies and revelations interspersed with the cool jazz stylings of the Jeff Lofton Trio.”

“Like any great Austin enterprise, music is central to the production. A Swingin' Trio refers to the three characters in the film as well as an actual jazz combo, played by the much-acclaimed Jeff Lofton Trio. The group acts as a kind of Greek chorus, who's melodies and rhythms narrate the story as much as the dialogue. - Austin Film Festival review”

“Jeff Lofton Quartet: A Jobim Tribute Best Jazz Band takes on Brazilian bossa nova king”

Raoul Hernandez - Austin Chronicle

“To mention jazz in Austin, you must also bring forth a name: Jeff Lofton. A true virtuoso, Lofton's trumpet is unlike any other out there and the man, compared to none other than Miles Davis, jumps effortlessly between straight jazz, rock and jazz-fusion. ... Although Lofton is already an Austin institution, his latest record, "Chasing the Voodoo Down," has helped cement him as Davis' heir and a unique, wonderful figure in the jazz landscape.”

“... this local virtuoso, who's often compared to Miles Davis, will be presenting a tribute to the Brazilian bossa nova composer, singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist, Antonio Carlos Jobim ... The chance to see an Austin virtuoso interpreting beloved classics in an iconic venue is something not to be missed”

“Jeff Lofton is Austin's own Miles Davis.”

“Born in Germany and raised in South Carolina, Jeff Lofton's trumpet sound has become a striking force in Austin's music scene since moved there about four years ago. Friendly and bright in his reasoning, Lofton has proved to be a versatile, mature musician overtly combining straight-ahead jazz with fusion. His appealing, laidback character and soulful playing has certainly earned him a rising recognition not only in Austin but across the general jazz circuit.”

“...stretching out on convincing interpretations ... Like the originals, everything here unfolds in a very fluid, organic way, building a sturdy foundation and expanding outward. ... Lofton's original compositions, "By Any Other Name" and "Boo's Bounce," recall in their own ways the Caribbean lilt of Sonny Rollins. "Dizzy Pose So Moody" is a Latin boogaloo tip of the hat to the Gillespie/Moody/Pozo band.”

“Miles of freedom found in jazz”

“...critics have noted Davis’ influence on Lofton throughout the Austin-based trumpeter’s career. Lofton arrived in Austin less than five years ago from South Carolina, and with little of an established jazz scene around town, he blazed his own path ...”

“Comparisons are frequently made to Miles Davis – and rightfully so. Lofton’s take on standards frequently astounds, and his originals are equally delicious.”

“Austin-based trumpeter, composer and band leader Jeff Lofton is a veritable jazz virtuoso. ”

“Lofton's smooth demeanor, full head of locks and amazing trumpet chops make him a jazz institution in Austin.”

“I was thrilled to see Jeff Lofton win Best Jazz. Lofton has been a guest on our radio show a few times. He's a gifted artist, and all around wonderful and caring person.”

“Best Jazz Band: Jeff Lofton - '10-'11 Austin Music Awards, Austin Chronicle Readers Poll, SXSW”

“Dirty Dozen Brass Band, which later played a set featuring Austin trumpeter Jeff Lofton, set out from HBO's Treme party at the Ghost Room led by the fancy heel-toe skipping of Darryl "Dancing Man 504" Young and Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, resplendent in full green and gold traditional Mardi Gras Indian regalia.”

“By the time Dirty Dozen took the stage ... And, by the time things started to wind up, Henry Butler and Austin jazzman Jeff Lofton were sitting in with DDBB, followed by Big Chief Boudreaux exhorting the crowd with the Longhair anthem “Go To the Mardi Gras” ... 504 in the house, indeed. - SXSW review: HBO ‘Treme’ day party at Ghost Room”

“Trumpeter Lofton hews closely to Miles, both post-bop and electric. (SXSW lists)”

“This is jazz played the way it has always been intended... free of pretense & full of the spirit of life.”

“gave the scene a jump start ... help other artists through Jeff Lofton Quartet, Jeff Lofton Electric Thang, Crime Victims First - Rising Music Star, 2010 Out and About 500: Music”

“ubiquitous presence and articulate advocacy - Rising Music Star, 2010 Out and About 500: Music”

“... an Austin jazz giant ....”

“In The Key of Dad: Shana is a full-time presence in his life now. ... The song he wrote for her, "Shana's Song," was chosen for Austin Music Vol. 8, the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau's annual compilation. It's also on his 2009 album, "Jazz to the People."”

“The Arrival of Jazz Trumpeter Jeff Lofton - Did jazz trumpeter Jeff Lofton really immigrate to Austin just three years ago?”

“The photo op... Lofton and Lokumbe blowing their trumpets- ... a generation apart, their stories trace the same spine, beginning in South Carolina, stopping early at Beethoven – Ninth Symphony (Lofton) and "Ode to Joy" (Lokumbe) – lunching on John Coltrane and Miles Davis, and finishing with Duke Ellington, both interviews.”

“... Lofton's tightly woven post-bop, disciplined but spirited. Last fall's Austin debut, Jazz to the People, his second CD, braised local Top 10 lists with the lyricism of his silver horn.”

“Lofton's simmered blear meets Alex Coke's tenacious sax and Red Young's piano matte, while rhythmic coupling Chris and Masumi Jones lock in Blue Note precision. "Mouth of Gabriel," one of the session leader's originals, gilds the gutbucket. (on Jazz to the People)”

“Critics Pick - Austin Music Poll: Jazz: Jeff Lofton”

“Top 9 Austin Albums of 2009: #6 Jeff Lofton Quartet "Jazz to the People"”

“Rockin' Resolutions: "To bring more jazz to more people."”

“...hits the bull's-eye on this sterling local debut that digs a deep groove... a sound that embraces the blues and swings passionately”

“... Highlight "Herbie's Time" blows reminiscent of Lee Morgan's Blue Note hits of the mid-1960s. ... a delightfully swingin' affair.”

“... crafted a sound largely around Davis' formative quintet of the late 1950s. ...Lofton reinforces the Miles connection with the deft use of muted trumpet on soulful strutters "Headless Blues" and "A.I.M." ...”

“... who has made a big mark in the Austin jazz scene since moving to town in 2007 ... releases 'Jazz to the People' ... nine originals and interpretations of 'Georgia on My Mind' and 'Crazy'...”

“... known for his unique blend of the old school and new styles of jazz, and critics have compared his sound to Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane...”

“Lofton just released the terrific "Jazz to the People" ”

“... Jazz To the People lives up to its promise. Jeff delivers many different styles of Jazz to music lovers - be it free jazz, hard bop or avante-garde. There's a little for everyone to love on this CD.”

"...Jazz at St. James ... Javon Jackson... who’s played with Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and recorded for Blue Note.. superb veteran pianist George Cables... Louis Hayes, who hasn’t he played with in his 50-year career? The locally busy Jeff Lofton Quartet opens Friday ...

“... spicing up Austin's music and food scene since his arrival in 2007...”

"Ear Candy: Austin Music Vol. 8...today's hot acts..."

"Lofton will play today with one of those legendary artists, who first began performing in the 1950’s and still performs today. Jazz and R&B singer Donna Hightower will join the Jeff Lofton Quartet for a Juneteenth African American Tribute show..."

“Birth of the Cool B scene: Tonight at the Blanton [Art Preview]:"... Austin's own jazz trumpeter Jeff Lofton and his quartet will be performing a Miles Davis Tribute set to get everyone in the mood to be cool..."”

“... Trumpeter Jeff Lofton, who blows a pretty frosty horn himself, leads the show... (Blanton Museum's Birth of the Cool collaboration with Elephant Room for Jeff Lofton's Miles Davis Tribute)”

“... this Austin-tony lineup at Antone's (Austin Music Vol 8 CD release), ... looks like a pretty big deal. ... Also, someone who I've been hearing a lot about lately - Jeff Lofton and his jazz trumpet, along with equally astonishing dreadlocks - will be there.”

“The Blanton Museum of Art opens … "Birth of the Cool: California Art, Design, and Culture at Midcentury," … Miles Davis, Chet Baker, and Dave Brubeck, … provide the soundtrack… Jeff Lofton helps set the mood with his tribute... at the Elephant Room”

“Do yourself a favor and go see Jeff Lofton play his Miles Davis Tribute there (Elephant Room) on February 28th. I've seen him do his thing on Thursday nights at The Belmont and it has become one of my favorite weekly events.”

“... fabulous music in nice bars with no cover. The open air Belmont patio was pleasant as punch last night and the wonderful jazz of the Jeff Lofton Quartet was wafting out into the street bringing strollers in as well as people like us who put the gig on our calendar.”

“...his sound is something out of the 1950s and 1960s bebop of Chicago and New York. Lofton dropped by KUT last week before a gig at the Elephant Room and delighted onlookers with a beautiful cover of ‘Georgia on My Mind‘ - today’s song of the day.”

“...I don't know about ya'll out there, but that tune just made my day." - Jay Trachtenberg on KUT 90.5 FM about live on-air performance by the Jeff Lofton Quartet of original,"Shana's Song"”

“.... I, Will Wynn, Mayor of the Live Music Capital of the World, do hereby proclaim January 15, 2009 as Jeff Lofton Day in Austin.”

“Jazz musician Jeff Lofton is one of Austin music's recent overnight successes, even though he's been playing the trumpet for more than 30 years. ...moved here from South Carolina in 2007 and within a year built himself a name in the Austin jazz scene for his lyrical, ebullient playing.”

“... trumpeter Jeff Lofton combines pure be-bop and modern jazz in the vein of Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and John Coltrane, with a sweet yet biting tone.”

“Heavenly Music: The annual Jazz at St. James Festival, November 14 - 16, in Austin, will feature 3 days of excellent live jazz programming, including trumpet player Jeff Lofton, legendary trombonist Curtis Fuller with saxophonist David "Fathead" Newman...”

" The Jeff Lofton Quartet provides the soundtrack for your easy Sunday mornings ..."

“Jazzamatazz - Recently caught 3 excellent jazz sets at the original Central Market in Austin — trumpet extraordinaire Jeff Lofton’s quintet... (see article for listing of Texas jazz festivals)”

“... Lofton's brand of jazz is in the Davis/Gillespie/Coltrane vein, sultry and sensual as a summer afternoon. ...playing to standing-room only crowds at the Elephant Room, gaining notoriety in the local scene in part for last year's well-received Miles Davis tribute... ”

"Jeff Lofton seems to be BLOWING UP. ... Fans say his shows are crazy good and crazy crowded."

“Lofton: "Jazz is the musical background for all American music. I want people to know that what they're listening to now would not exist without Louis Armstrong, without Duke Ellington, without Miles. These people are directly responsible for R&B, for rock 'n' roll, for soul music..."”

Rush Evans - The Good Life: A Monthly Journal of Austin Stories

"If you've not yet been to a performance at The Elephant Room ... seeing the Jeff Lofton Quintet would be a great introduction to this revered jazz venue. ...combines a mix of jazz standards and original material written by trumpeter Jeff Lofton into the show."

"...channels Miles Davis. ...Throughout the night, Lofton replicated Davis' trademark style very well, but still managed to bring his own personality to the music. …an expert example of how jazz music is always reinventing itself. ..."

"Critics in Austin give trumpeter Jeff Lofton serious kudos for his blend of the old school and new styles of jazz, comparing him to the likes of Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane...."

"Listen up, Miles Davis fans. ...the virtuoso studied music composition and jazz at the University of South Carolina… with decades of experience under his belt … Lofton recently relocated to Austin where his smooth jazz sounds can be heard as he leads the melodic Jeff Lofton Group."

“Feeling down? It's time for some 'Jazz Therapy' ... trumpeter Jeff Lofton... draws inspiration from jazz greats such as Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie and John Coltrane...”

“Jeff Lofton offers 'Jazz Therapy'...”

"Jazz Therapy draws on the old-school be-bop styles of Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie while also employing some of the adventurous tendencies and structures of John Coltrane. ..."

"Jeff's trumpet flies onto tracks like singing birds into morning sunshine. … One of the best trumpet players in South Carolina."