Jeff Karoub / Press

“I LOVE the new album. It will be on my 'Faves' list after three spins! Congrats. You are a very talented singer-songwriter and a pleasure to include on the show!”

Lilli Kuzma, host of WDCB's Folk Festival

“Lovely album. You remind me of the singer-songwriters ... (of) the '60s and '70s.”

Gabby Parsons, music director - WMMM-FM

“This disc is a fine example of extraordinary grassroots Americana folk out of southern Michigan. Each of these six pleasing songs seems to lead into the next and I find myself playing it on repeat. They draw the listener in to take a long swim and perhaps 'find a shore' of our own.”

“Rather than just tell us about his new Detroit music project, Jeff Karoub gave us our very own in-studio house concert. Through his songs and words, Jeff's passion for music and Detroit hits just the right notes.”

Joe Linstroth, Current State senior producer - WKAR

“Jeff Karoub creates heartfelt acoustic tributes on this five-track EP to his father (who played for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and Motown Records) and his Michigan upbringing. In particular, the moody-but-fetching 'Fall Comes Early' and lilting 'Pitchers’ Duel with Sin' have a vintage, Cat Stevens-like feel. ”

“Whether he's playing in his living room or a pass-the-hat coffee shop, it feels like he's left a legacy.”

“I really like the story - I really like the song!”

Rob Reinhart - Rob Reinhart's Essential Music, WDET-FM, on 'Made by Motown'