Jeff Jacobs / Press

"(Jeff Jacobs') debut EP is fantastic. This is in the upper echelon of albums I've received...City Lights jumped out at me as being a little different, and kind of brilliant."

“With each strum of the guitar, he plucks at listener's heart strings. It's no wonder then that, as soon as the set was over, each patron lined up to purchase a CD.”

“It is Jacobs' level of lyrical mastery which gets fans lining up outside to purchase his album. From his catchy, radio ready songs to his most intimate, Jacobs warmly engages the audience, getting the locals clapping, cheering and in some cases, dancing.”

"These romantic roots run deep with Jacobs. And though his material can be heavy, his spirit is light. It's a formula that Jacobs is riding towards steady creative and professional success.