Jeff in the red / Press

“I needed a change of atmosphere today Jeff and where better to head to than here...proud to share your songs on my playlist today with my social network. Have a great week ahead!”


“Distinctive classic rock voice Jeff. "A Change of Atmosphere" top shelf band rocks hard.”

Chuck Brunicardi

“Great music! "A Change of Atmosphere" is brilliant \m/ Fav song summer 2015. Heard Ur interview w/Marshall on Rockers Dive Radio! True Rocker! Wish U the best Jeff!”

“..now this seriously rocks, , , ah yeh !”

Buster Rogue

“KIller heavy intense rock'n sound!!!!!”

The Blackness

“wow ! great vocals comp and production !! really love your sound Jeff ! keep it up man !”

The Abyss

“A Change of Atmosphere - just the way I like hard rock - or heavy rock as it was called back then :) maybe me”


“Such the beauty of music. Great work on the production; everything about your music is just so good. Keep this passion alive and keep sharing with the world. All the best to...”


“¨A Change of Atmosphere¨ is hard driving original masterpiece. Great song.”

Albert Bevia

“Great sound and style! "Freakshow" and "Back Of The Line" are killer tunes! Awesome work!”

Charlie Cravath

“We really dig your music! Freakshow --kickass!”


“Great songs here...deep, haunting and unrelenting.”

Point Being - Point Being

“Epic! Good work here!”

Her Alibi - Her Alibi

“good stuff !!!!”

Fall of an Empire - Fall of an Empire

“Checking out Back Of The Line. This is bad-ass. Reminds me of NIN meets Alice In Chains. Great song. Really well recorded.-TRUTH, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT”

The Nonsense Buffer - The Nonsense Buffer

“Fantastic vibe and rock.!!!”

Joseph Fly - Joseph Fly

“Neon Saints Truly powerful music!!!”

Neon Saints - Neon Saints

"Back of The Line" is dark, brooding and brilliant.

Frank Smith

"Damage" is particularly impactful given the subject matter but all in your sampler are excellent blend of lead and backing vocals and commanding power chord instrumentation. Great!!" musicianship! Charles Ecker

Charles Ecker

"Rock like its supposed to played"


"Back Of The Line" is Legendary!!


"Back of the Line" is chilling!!

Eric England

"Twisted" sounds just like keenan's great progressive bands. There is something dark coming inside, round the circle, fast" ...

sven melo

"Damage- is absolutely captivating You Rock!!!

Music by KanD

"Radical growl, wicked transitions — like moonbeam steam fuming from electric pavement on a dark night in the desert. You imbue your songs with an intensity that is magnetic."


“like "1000 eyes" - weird sound and voice with a dash of bowie's vibe. great guitar sound and drums!”


"DAMAGE" by Jeff Barger "Jeff in the Red" Domestic Violence effects woman and children every single day. Being a survivor of DV myself I understand the pain and fear it can cause a person for their whole life. Jeff has wrote this song to campaign awareness for this very important cause. The song is complete, but I would like to add some stories and statistics during the last minute of the song. If anyone has any ideas or good sites I could visit please message me. Whatever is said will of course be confidential. Thank you and God Bless!!