Jeff Givens and The Mugshot Saints / Press

“On Bourbon Cowboy, the debut country rock album by the Bourbon Cowboy himself, Jeff Givens, the multi-talented musician and singer/songwriter delivers a surprisingly emotional record. Givens, who not only sings but also plays guitar and drums, has a subtle, timeworn gravel in his voice that reflects the long travels and experiences he describes in his songs. When he sings “I’m here in Chicago, loading up to leave/I’ve got boots, guitars and whiskey/That’s all I’ll ever need” in the melancholy “Girl In Carolina,” there is a hint of hurt in his voice, as though he doesn’t quite believe what he’s saying. The vulnerable honesty of Givens’ delivery and his words of wisdom and advice are spread throughout Bourbon Cowboy as though we are sitting at the bar with him and listening to what he has to say. Whereas others may stumble with such proclamations as “The more you love, the more you find paradise can’t be found” in the ballad “Paradise Lost"”

“Jeff Givens: Crazy Heart Comes to Falmouth By: Jason Savio, May 25, 2012 JEFF GIVENS - This rock-country musician has been touring since the 70s, but is hanging up his hat in Falmouth while he awaits the release of his first solo album, "Bourbon Cowboy." Boy, does Jeff Givens have some stories. Whether it’s his story of “the note” with Urge Overkill’s Nash Kato, his “Torches and Pitchforks Tour” through the Midwest, or his casual account of jamming with Buddy Guy, this drummer-turned-country-rock singer/songwriter has seemingly done it all. But above all else, one thing is clear when listening to his adventures: Givens loves music. Givens—also known as "The Bourbon Cowboy"—currently has his horse tied up in Falmouth while he eagerly awaits the release of his debut solo album, Bourbon Cowboy. Go to link for the rest of the story”