Jeff Campbell / Press

"Jeff’s songs are ripe to break further into radio, TV, other media, and the music truly moved the audience"

“...a break from the ordinary type of music out there today.”

“...an album that will leave you wanting more. That’s what it did to me!”

“There's always a lot of debate as to which, if any, Bay Area artists could be destined for real fame. Folksy balladeer Jeff Campbell might be a good contender.”

“Stripped down to bare essentials and leaving nothing for Jeff to hide behind, his talent is exposed. His voice is gentle and smooth but commands attention as well, the lyrics honest and real. This album contains several great songs, ...I was never bored while and listened, always surprised by the little touches that make this a well thought out and beautifully produced album. Brilliantly written and delivered even better... takes me to the meat of a moment, and I loved being allowed in. I remember being told once that if a musician couldn’t do a song justice without flash and electricity, he had no musical talent to offer. Stop and Go proves Jeff Campbell has more than enough.”