Jeff Appleton / Press

“Amazing sound and tracks!! Can’t help but coming back for more!”

Pace Ride - Reverb Nation

“This is a very beautiful song you have here. I dig it a lot.. very well produced also. Keep up the good work..”

“The song is really good. It has detailed pads, panning beats, deep bass, and synth melodies. It also describes the electronic genre. It also kind of sounds fututistic, and it also has the Aphex Twin sound. Which is good.”

“I love when I find a new artist that I truly enjoy listening to. From your Bio, I can tell we are 'very' much alike artistically. And now to your tune. It is subtle and gentle with its intro, and I love when the bass synth comes in, it really sets of the mood, and then you do a funky shift ( the kind I love ) that surprises and intrigues the listeners ear. The upbeat trance loop weaves nicely with the returning strings and sets my ears into a very happy place. I think this is simple ( not overdone, but just right ) and graceful music. Reminds me of many chill artists. This can hang with any of those songs. Perfect. I don't do this often, but I liked it so much it has been playlisted. You have a fan.”

“Jeff, this is good stuff, sounds are crisp and clear, its quite cinematic in that it conjours up images in my head........well enjoyed”