Jeep White / Press

“On Low Country, local songwriter Jeep White constantly bends his voice from song to song, occasionally conjuring a little of that Johnny Cash baritone. A better comparison might be with country songwriting legend Billy Joe Shaver. With such a straightforward tone throughout, it's no surprise that the two standout tracks, "Short Road to Hell" and "Grandpa," are the most direct. Both have driving rhythms that draw you in, but White's lyrics really grab the listener. Neither song gives you time to think — they just tell stories without any hesitation. Although many of White's songs on Low Country come across as sad and melancholic, they have a solid basis in reality, producing an overall good feeling.”

“While country music has taken many forms over the course of its history, there really is no substitute for the good old fashioned type. While much of the current country music offerings more closely resemble pop music in look and sound, there are thankfully a few artists who still choose to record country music like it was done during its golden age. White's new CD, "Low Country," features 10 original songs, most of which demonstrate his strength as a songwriter.”

“There's a sense about him, something pared down to basics: dark eyebrows and a trim white goatee counterbalance a clear-eyed regard that welcomes even as it locks in. To see him perform is to see a person thriving in his element. ”

“Jeep White is a storyteller who plays a mean guitar while plucking your heartstrings with songs like "Red Paper Hearts," and "I Got Nobody." ”