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“Kris Kristofferson called him a “musician that got away” in his 1992 Austin City Limits performance. This fascinating man ...seems to have enough experiences for seven lifetimes behind him. Now...he’s re-launching a career as a performing songwriter. And as grand prize winner of NSAI’s 2012 Song Contest in the Lyrics-Only Category, he’s got an incredible start. His winning song, however, doesn’t seem like it would come from the James Bond/Indiana Jones characters that his biography evokes. Instead, it’s an ode to a simple getaway with familiar faces, entitled “Old Friends and California Wine.” The lyrics are of pure Californian relaxation, bring tall trees, mountains, and a montage of Willie Nelson and Matthew McConaughey horseback-riding around a grape farm. The repetition of the chorus brings a sense of timelessness to the songwriter’s... memories: Don’t forget the corn tortillas Heirlooms ripened on the vine Moonlit lake, sinsemilla Old friends and Californ”

“Jeep Rosenberg's latest release, Silver Bluff Estates, is chock full of easy, approachable music with clever, thoughtful lyrics laced with an elegant simplicity and an understated wisdom. Oh yeah- the playing is not too shabby, either! ”

“(From CD review) With the gentle country opener "Darling, I Miss You When You're With Me" you can immediately feel yourself back in the days of Don Williams, Waylon Jennings & Stoney Edwards. The heartfelt lyrics with a faint honkytonk feeling and traditional country sound give me a feeling of coming home. ...Jeep Rosenberg was a welcome surprise for me. ...a very accomplished songwriter, and in his performing, he shows the warmth and heartfelt honesty in his music that reminds me of the old days of traditional country between the late 40s and early 70s. He doesn't sound dated, but takes the best from that time and uses it in his excellent songs that are a bright light for contemporary country music. ”

“Hitting The N.W. Florida 30A Songwriters Festival by Jeep… ...an anomaly...a festival actually about music. An intimate series of venues that stretch...along one of Florida's prettiest coastal roads. ...unpretentious...you walk in, sit, & listen to performers who seem genuinely glad to see you...in a small wine-house, I found one such performer playing along side his pal. Up on a stage...stood Jeep Rosenberg and Effron White. The music was instantly riveting...it made you listen. You knew right off the bat you weren't just getting a tune,but a poem as well,a musical 2-for-1. Not necessarily Dylan-esque, or Cash-esque, or country-esque, or any kind of -esque...simply something American, something in between, and something on the outside. As you watched the faces in the crowd, you could sense the concentration as people strained not to miss a word...The music was rich, full of context, and entertaining, and everyone in the room knew it. ”

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“NYC-based Jeep Rosenberg's understated Silver Bluff Estates (Faithful Tiger) is a collection of inviting sketches sure to find favor with Americana music fans. A former U.N. peacekeeper whose plainspoken songs are gilded with captivating percussion ("Everything's Different"), accordion ("La Ultima Lagrima"), harmonica ("The Seeking Kind"), sweet nylon-string guitar, jazzy upright bass and brushes ("Here," "Whatever Happened to Mercy?"), Rosenberg draws us in with tale after tale filled with mesmeric imagery. www.jeeprosenberg.com”