Jed's Dead / Press

“This writers’ pick off the CD is track eight, Kinda Cool about a girl with Guthrie records but no stereo–she spins them on her finger like a basketball and uses her imagination. The song makes you want to hang out with everyone delightful and magical–non-stop.”

“Especially dark, "You've Already Won, Babydoll" is a fine disc. The opener "A Girl From Texas" is a textbook example of how melancholy text can be combined with a cheerful tune to great effect. While the grimly beautiful "Black River Bridge" creates shivers. The whole album is steeped in the melancholy, even the songs that cut loose are always tinged with a dark fragility. The band is a must have for fans of the genre, though the average music fan can enjoy the songs of Jed's Dead, with or without a Jack Daniel's there ...”

“Jed’s Dead is the best country dive bar band this side of Tulsa. Not only are they great musicians, haunting lyricists, and tapped into a dark rural psyche; they’re also just all around good guys. Fans of Jim Thompson, Nick Cave, 16 Horsepower, early Johnny Cash: this is right up your dark, dusty, mud-tracked alley. Those of you who savor the underlying creepiness of Patsy Cline, Jed’s Dead is for you too. The best way to see these guys is in a dark, small musty bar, surrounded by whiskey and beer.”