Jebb Mac Band / Press

“The band, which consists of members from the Pee Dee and Grand Strand regions and one from North Carolina, has been playing together for two years. Lead singer Jebb Mac said their music is considered “crossover country” because it crosses over different genres including R and B and reggae, and sort of reflects the music of the Zac Brown Band.”

“While being “all things to all people” may not be the stated goal of the Jebb Mac Band, the diversity of the Florence based six-piece variety act satisfies, at one point or another, just about everyone in attendance at a JMB show.”

““He’s really found his voice with this one,” said producer Kevin Smith of Six +1 Studios in Florence, who has worked with Jebb Mac for years. “He started out doing the hip-hop thing, but he’s always had a love for country and acoustic music, too. Those don’t usually coexist well, but he’s found a way to combine them that works really well,” Smith said. “This album is full of good tunes -- really well-written songs. It’s got a sweet flow to it.””