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“There are plenty of singers with pretty voices, but Jolly is special. She can move from a gentle murmur to a gale-force wail in a split second in places and make it look easy; she has homegrown country charm but just as much urbane sophistication."”

““Angels is a solid, warm, and varied album that will satisfy virtually all who are fortunate enough to listen.””

““Damn, that Jeanne Jolly can sing. All those metaphors comparing her voice to a songbird, an angel, a summer’s breeze, they just don’t cut it. Jolly’s voice is the first day of spring, after the grey dirty snow has melted and the sun beams down on the crocuses that begin to bloom. The birds sing while you sit on a porch swing with your new lover, a glass of wine in hand, gazing at the rainbow out west. No, that doesn’t cut it either. Imagine Joni Mitchell with Billie Holiday’s stylings. You’re getting warmer.””

“One of contemporary music's best-kept secrets, she is a revelation when you sit in on one of her concerts”

“(Angels) is a solid, warm and varied album that will satisfy virtually all who are fortunate enough to listen. It takes a special talent to be able to weave in a classic country sound with opera, and Jolly pulls it off in spades. (Tear Soup)”

“One track sounds like Sade accompanied by shuffling beats and pedal steel twang; another like she’s out to embarrass all the pop-country poseurs on CMT. She can even cover that beautiful voice in grit and go all Lone Justice/Maria McKee for a guitar-fueled tearjerker, and there’s even a waltz where that opera training kicks in and knocks your socks off.”

“Once seen and heard, singer-songwriter Jeanne Jolly from Raleigh, N.C., is hard to forget, her songs easy to remember — especially if you have her debut, “Angels,” and have the habit of playing over and over..”

“She and her band performed several songs from her newest CD Angels . Every song was filled with powerful lyrics, emotion and rhythm which moved the soul. It was an amazing concert performed by three talented artists. The band consisted of Jeanne Jolly on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Chris Boerner on his eight string Guitar and Nick Baglio on Drums and Keyboards. The crowd was mesmerized and engulfed with home grown music dipped in a Soulful style performance. It was a great show!”

“Jolly is the rare soul who can appease hip-hop heads, highbrow theater aficionados and hardcore country fans alike”

“This is an ambitious album: Jolly covers an awful lot of ground here, keeps her bearings and when she pulls out all the stops, it can be breathtaking.”

“This Jeanne Jolly deserves a place among the great names of the 21st century singer-songwriters and they should in our opinion very quickly come up with a worthy successor to this handsome debut album, “Angels”.”

“In October 2010, Jolly released her new EP Falling in Carolina. It's a great collection of songs she has written since moving back home to North Carolina. Featuring Jolly's beautifully strong and soulful vocals which immediately engage the listener. She is undeniably a versatile singer with an amazing and rare ability to sing with the sophistication of modern jazz and the simple passion of an Appalachian Americana. Jolly has a gorgeous voice that isn't something you hear or happen upon everyday, therefore with pure talent like this, Jolly is destined to have a successful career.”

“Her songs are personal, direct, and emotional. Her musical training comes through in her melodies and chord choices, but it’s her voice that holds it all together. Her vocals are so versatile that she takes the listener on a journey of moods and perspectives; not easy to do song after song. She transforms from a belting Linda Ronstadt to a plaintive Margo Timmins of The Cowboy Junkies to a defiant Patsy Cline. She displays changing textures and timbres throughout her album.”

“From a touching song like “Falling In Carolina”, where she shows a vulnerable softness, to the easy country rock “In Between” in which she shows confidence and maturity, her voice soaring and holding pure note after pure note.”

““Jeanne Jolly has a heavenly voice…Jolly embodies the traits of an established performer who has been playing juke joints and concert halls for 20 years. At her last performance in Durham at the Carolina theatre, Jolly blew away her hometown audience” Dan Reeves ”

Dan Reeves - NC Metro Magazine

“Succinctly, her vocals are a knockout. Wrap all of her talents together and she attains one of the most challenging goals of a performing artist: to have the public actually care about the singer. It’s a beautiful marriage and everybody wins; the audience entrusting the artist to take them on a journey that is emotionally fulfilling. That comes with responsibility and Miss Jolly seems more than capable of accepting and nurturing it.”

" she sings, her voice full of beautiful sorrow touched by a slight, soulful drawl"... “Jeanne Jolly's singing cleanses like a warm summer rain. Strong and sure, it covers everything with a slight Alison Krauss-style melancholy and a hope for what's to come. She stretches out her words, creating seductively lanquid lyrics”

Andrew Ritchie - Independent Weekly

“A powerful pop-country belter in the Linda Ronstadt/Dolly Parton vein, Jolly can easily shift to the dusky lilt of Alison Krauss or the sophisticated jazz phrasing of Ricki Lee Jones. All this experience, plus influences as diverse as Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell, coalesce in Jolly’s current LP Angels. Clear-eyed and empathetic, Jolly’s songs reflect on the angels that affect our lives, leaving the definition of “angel” open to each listener. An effortlessly masterful songwriter, she’s secure enough to cover folk legend Judy Sill’s “The Kiss” with a drone-based arrangement that would make avant-garde composer La Monte Young smile.”

“Although Jolly’s voice can give you goosebumps, she saves the pyrotechnics for when she really wants to nail a lyric or drive a chorus home. Her songs usually follow a narrative: she’s got an eye for detail, likes to work the suspense for all it’s worth, and her band is sensational.”

“The result is a staying moment of satisfaction at the fading out of each track, leaving you waiting and wondering which of your favorite sides of Jeanne Jolly will be presenting itself next.”

“In a time when a one-hit wonder creates instantaneous fame, it’s refreshing when you find an artist that has been secretly developing a treasure trove of very beautiful, honest and satisfying music.”

““Angels” is a compilation of original songs that dig deep into the roots of folk and Americana music. The music, the lyrics and Jolly’s unmistakable signature voice places Jolly in a category with the likes of Emmylou Harris or Mary Chapin Carpenter…”

“Not one of the songs on “Angels” should be considered filler. Every lyric is bona fide. Every verse is something she’s felt.”

“The record showcases her vibrant, versatile, operatically trained voice, her playfulness, her fondness for edgy textures.”

“Jeanne Jolly has taken her golden voice down a road to a sound we haven’t heard yet - country. A Master of Vocal Per­formance in opera from the New England Conservatory in Boston and known to the public as a jazz artist, Jolly has taken a new and different direction entirely with her new EP - to us at least. Her performances as a guest singer with highly regarded trumpeter Chris Botti a few years ago proved that in a virtual sea of singers, she is more than a catch. But that was just jazz. After living in L.A. for a few years, Jolly has chosen to make the music she adores the most. Growing up cultivating her voice, she says she “always loved country, bluegrass, Americana, folk, honky tonk, rock and roots music.””