Jean Caffeine / Press

"...if she weren't considered in the upper echelon of sainted local singer-songwriters before – she just took her place. "

“..."slanted and enchanted"-”

"Miss I-was-alternative-country before-alternative-country-was-cool." "cross between Brenda Lee and Patti Smith."

Austin American Statemen

“Idée Fixe heads out toward the claustrophobic yet searingly rocking soundscapes exemplified by records like the Rolling Stones1 Exile on Main Street and Patti Smith1s Horses.”

Luke Torn - Pop Culture Press

“Austin's cowpunk goddess unleashes a seething, soulful catharsis of a rock'n' roll album."”

Dallas Observer

“singer-songwriter riot girl”

Jim Caliguri - CMJ

“...songs dealing with the fallout from a relationship, Caffeine flirts with the possibility of making a Southwestern Exile in Guyville or (yikes!) a Texas Jagged Little Pill. The turf she treads upon with Knocked Down... is closer to the hallowed ground of Lucinda William's '88 eponymous LP”

Luke Torn - No Depression