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“Blues Alley Washington, DC July 5, 2012, 10:00 pm If you’re in the market for good, solid live contemporary jazz entertainment, you would have certainly enjoyed yourself thoroughly at the DC hotspot Blues Alley in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC. Tonight, we were treated to the wonderfully talented yet still surprisingly unheralded California guitarist Joel del Rosario and the personable keyboardist Will (“Surewill”) Clark. What a great groove to witness on the day after the 4th of July! Helping the duo with this powerful set was local saxman Brian Lenair who never disappoints with his passion and energy. The set opened with thunder as each artist set out to offer tracks from their latest projects, Surewill’s debut release Out of the Shadows and del Rosario’s Coast to Coast album. From the outset, the audience was wired and totally engaged. A great high point of the show was Surewill’s tribute to his uncle Jim for whom he titled a track –”My Hero (Uncle Jim)”

“Recently I reviewed two guitar players working on what I like to call the smoother side of jazz and both releases made me long for the relief that death would bring. Joel Del Rosario makes me long for his next release! There is a common misconception that I do not like much if anything to do with the smoother side of jazz. Wrong. I am incredibly annoyed with the pretentious latte-driven "vibe" associated with the smoother side of jazz because "vibe" in this context is not real it is manufactured. The vibe that is associated with the smoother side of jazz is fake, phony and incredibly pretentious and time and space prohibits me from listing the numerous artists who have made a very nice living essentially recording the same release multiple times and then hitting the road to sell the vibe of what passes for nothing more than sonic sedation. No originality. No creativity. No musical vision. Which brings me to Joel Del Rosario and "Coast to Coast." Joel Del Rosario is an incredibly gi”

“Occasionally, a musical gem will escape my roving eye. Such was the case with guitarist Joel del Rosario who has just released his third album, Coast to Coast, and has actually been in this biz for over two decades. Two decades! At any rate, someone planted a bug in my ear about this talented artist, and I had to pursue him and his latest project to see what all the noise was about him in certain circles. Well, I quickly found out after I popped in this cool, very well-done CD of real contemporary jazz guitar. Del Rosario, who wrote and produced all but two tracks here, has one of the clearest, smoothest sounds and works a chord to perfection. From the lead track, “Hey It’s The Weekend,” I sensed I was truly on to something with presence and a life here. The track bounced with attitude and confidence and, had I not read it in his bio, would have tipped me off that this was no debut release for this cat. Navigating his way through sassy, funky cuts like the title track and the”

"jDR, one of the hottest artists has actually been around for a while and his new release has been climbing the jazz and contemporary jazz music charts"

““There’s no doubt in my heart Joel that you know how to bring entertaining smooth jazz. The melodies flow fluid like and crystal clear out of your guitar. Keep up this good work!””

“Guitarist and Songwriter Joel Del Rosario first trained in Viola. Joel studied, performed, and was second chair in the San Francisco School of the Arts Orchestra. But jazz was his real passion. So he soon chose the guitar as his favorite instrument. Robyn Kazmarcyk and later Elroy Jones were his mentors. He also attended the prestigious Stanford University Jazz camp during high school. Joel has just released his third album Coast To Coast after his previous albums All Him and Calm In the Storm. All tracks were self written & arranged by Joel with the exception of God Is Able, written by Don Moen & sung by Ron Kenoly and his choir. All the guitars, bass, keyboards, and sequencing were done by Joel. A genuine self-produced album. Hey It's the Weekend is like Saturday Night Fever meets Smooth Jazz. While Joel performs some sultry guitar loops, rhythm and strings bring back some disco feeling. Music for your good time.”

“Joel’s music is truly a gift from heaven. His powerful compositions coupled with his extraordinary playing ability sets his listeners up for an emotionally spiritual experience they will never forget. Yes folks, he goes there. His new CD Coast to Coast is sure to rock your world. His previous CDs, All Him, and Calming the Storm, are still enjoyed by audiences all over the world. And, "Coast to Coast" is gaining full momentum in becoming another great hit for this musical genius from San Francisco. So, jump on board, and let Joel take you on a deep soulful journey with tunes such as "Been Good to Me", "Hey It's the Weekend", and of course his title song "Coast to Coast". Jazzin Em Up - Cres O'Neal”

“From the album title and the soothing textures of his compositions and playing, the goal of Joel Del Rosario (http://www.joeldelrosario.com) is to lift up the listener, bring light into the chaos of a troubled world. Trying to accomplish that without words is no easy task; when notes take the place of lyrics, they have to be able to communicate those messages to the brain. Thankfully, Del Rosario succeeds; this is a relatively upbeat, emotionally engaging album. Del Rosario is no cookie-cutter smooth jazz artist. He plays with a variety of tempos and styles, from the acoustic warmth and playful keyboards of "One Way Street" to the Latin mix on "Padre Burgos" to the classic soul vibes of "True Love Waits." Del Rosario is responsible for all the guitar, bass, and keyboards on the LP yet the album doesn't have the minimalist feel of a one-man band. ”

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“Hot licks and cool vibes come together in an all original collection by Joel Del Rosario entitled Calm in the Storm. Smooth jazz and hope collide into a beautiful set of melodies. “I hope Calm in the Storm will encourage people of all ages to believe in miracles and move forward in the midst of their storms,” said Del Rosario. Although Joel Del Rosario was classically trained on the viola, his influences were George Benson, Earth Wind & Fire and Stan Getz. Del Rosario studied guitar under Elroy Jones (mentor of Stanley Jordan). He has played for over 20 years on the west coast as both a studio musician and performer. ”

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“Imagine something that's tranquil and soothing, yet also contains some very cool vibes with a layer or two of spice tossed in the mix. This is what you get with the new CD from Joel Del Rosario aptly titled Calm In The Storm. Del Rosario ambitiously composed, arranged and produced all of the songs on this CD and plays guitars, bass and keyboards as well. That's a lot of hats to wear and they're all worn extremely well. The title track, “Calm In The Storm” is an excellent example of Del Rosario’s mastery of the guitar and effectively shows us his spiritual side, which inspires him to make this beautiful music. These songs together with the rest of the tracks on this CD all blend together seamlessly to produce some exceptional smooth jazz music. And with Del Rosario’s spiritual beliefs, Calm In The Storm is sure to sooth the soul, lift the spirit and inspire all who listen. ”