J.D Malone / Press

“Coming in at a scant 30 minutes Town and Country is a powerhouse of sound in a small package, and this month’s most unexpected delight.”

Rapid River Magazine

““Town and Country from J.D. Malone and The Experts makes use of several different musical influences in order to bring the release to life. Throughout the seven tracks that make up the EP, the listener will find plenty of variety and that variety is what makes the release so strong.””

Matheson Kamin - Rock n Roll Report

““With 25 years of keeping on keeping on under his belt, if Malone sounds like a college coffee house folk rocker letting loose, bet on it being organic. With feel good jangly guitars leading the way, this cat has been around the block a few times but he still enjoys the sights and sounds---as well as the exercise. Making them the way they don't any more, this is a dandy, diverse set that you can tell comes right from the heart throughout. Check it out. “”

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

“J.D Malone writes songs that grab you right away and then resonate deeply.”

Nick Cristiano - Philadelphia Inquirer

“4 stars...these guys are actually good...equally at place at a dive bar in New Jersey or playing The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.”

David Voigt - Toronto Music Examiner

"a muscular hybrid of Americana and indie rock."

Jack Firneno - DTown Mag