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“The strong will always rise when doubt is at its highest peak...”

JD Greer - JD Greer

“I'm not shooting for perfection thats imposable. So I'll go for Amazing, Bad Ass, incredible, beautiful... Things like that!!! #Justsaying ----- JD Greer”

JD Greer

“JD Greer is the Best R&B / Soul Artist I've Listened to in so Long ! His Voice has many overtones of many greats ! He delivers an array of emotions in each song that everyone can relate to ! Excellent Brother !”

Jojo Taylor

"The Day my HEART stops LOVING, is the Day my SOUL will FOREVER SMILE UPON YOUR FACE." JD Greer

JD Greer

"To the stars is where I aim, beyond that is where I'm going"

JD Greer

""If music is peace, than let me live in the rhythm of life"

JD Greer - Peace

“Hit me on twitter @jdgreer”

JD Greer