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“Winning employee band will perform at this year's block parties May 7, 2012 The votes are in and employees have chosen The J’Da Prynce Experience from Atlanta to perform at this year’s block parties in Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul. The group was chosen as part of last month’s Battle of the Block Party Bands video competition.”

“J'Da Prynce represents Atlanta and is striking out on his own after a stint with the band Solcetfre Project. His single, the upbeat "Operator," is touted as a track that "expresses the importance of remaining level-headed and self-controlled when faced with making difficult decisions." Eh, I certainly wouldn't call it "level-headed" - J sounds like he's about 30 seconds from killing his cheating mate while on the phone with the dispatcher. But it's not a bad club track - the concept is cool and it's surprisingly catchy. I'd like to hear J tackle a more mid-tempo song next. I sense a lot of potential. ”

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“i am a nigerian based in malaysia.lookin 4ward to hook wit a vibes.respeck”

"Your tracks are really good."

"Yo im feeling your style 4real!"

“Thank you love your music, you can catch me on Jango Radio too! ”

"You have a very nice voice, you sing very well! "

"omg you are really doing YOUR THANG ,,,,working hard has paid off big time and if you dont see it yet,,,be patient it will soon....I enjoy your music as a friend, fan and past student ..I can listen to this everyday during me time...this music is so relaxing to me. Have me thinking alot...."

“COLD.. is my jam.. the others are good too.. I love COLD though...”

“Do your thing cuz! Love it!”

Altina Jenkins - FACEBOOK.COM

“Hi Mr. Johnson I'm loving the new songs. Great job I am a huge fan of yours and always have been since Lincoln Middle school. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you on your Journey. Love you.”

"Another great song from a great artist.Congrats!"

"Later on that night, I managed to make my way to the front just in time for some of the best poetry that night and a passion-filled performance by Jeremy Johnson. Upon listening to his album, “Open:The Release Ten Years in the Making,“ I found a man who wants the world to know what’s inside his soul, who integrates soul with a bit of modern R&B and hip-hop. I found his gospel influences in “Get 2 Know U.“ I could feel his pain on “U Wanna Leave” and sense of reflection on “Lyfechangez.“ With “If it’s Over,“ the school teacher in him comes out in this tale of how to maintain a relationship." The album flows between skits and songs as Johnson opens up further to the listener. Recently, I had a chance to chat with Jeremy at the Green Bean, a progressive Greensboro coffee shop.

"Thanks again for a wonderful performance and adjusting so quickly!!"

“AGAIN, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

"Jeremy Johnson and Daniel Mascali know the best way to rock a party is to shoot for the middle of the largest possible audience." Note: Jeremy Johnson is the former name of J'Da Prynce

“In Greensboro, North Carolina, USA in the year 2008 there is no rival to Jeremy Johnson in the realm of sexy, soulful, funky male vocalists. Note: Jeremy Johnson is the former name of J'Da Prynce”

"We found her in a bar, of course - Churchill's on a Saturday night, where she was wailing a siren's song on the stage against the wall, her voice blending with Jeremy Johnson and William Trice to revive a feel-good groove from an era gone by." Note: Jeremy Johnson is the former name of J'Da Prynce

"But Jeremy Johnson's dynamic is more complex. At the same time, the man is all candor and transparency when he explains the romantic philosophy behind his songs." note: Jeremy Johnson is the former name of J'Da Prynce