J.D.and The Roadliner Band / Press

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT TUNES!!!!!!AWESOME MUSIC!! WONDERFUL! Love Jen, Del Rio/Kentucky”

Del Rio Band -RV

“Very 'FANTASTIC' guys. Wish I had your band in Ama to work with! Love ya! Turquoise Rose- ”

Turquoise Rose - Reverb Nation

“awesome sound guys! keep playing and enjoying your great music! ”

Charissa Mrowka & Auburn Sky Band-Reverb Nation

“Great tunes,sound,groove and vibe !!!Awesome...!My new fav !!! ”

Stoni-Reverb Nation

“WOW!!!! ya'll tear it up I LOVE it!!!!! ”

Savannah Bleu-Reverb Nation

“A-Fricken-MAZING!!! Very nice sound...I especially like Catwalk at 12p.m....very sultry.”

Lindi-Reverb Nation

“love the music!”

Nora Novak - Los Angeles

“I'd like to catch a ride on that Highway to Mars! Awesome music! Keep it coming. Intricate guitar licks and expansive arrangements. I like how every instrument has a pocket of their own so that the guitar can float above it all. Excellent work!”

Logan Belle - Reverb nation

“HIGHWAY TO MARS is outta this world! Some of the best guitarplayin´ I´ve ever heard. Proud to be called friend. Greetings from Sweden Joe Jaunty ”

Joe Jaunty - Reverb Nation

“Dang.... this rocks hard. Call 911..... the guitar is on fire. Dusty Hubcap ”

Dusty Hubcap - Reverb Nation

“Amazing soul on your guitar emotions,tones and textures on "Wings" Very nice work!!! John Revitte”

John Revitte - Reverb Nation

“Amazing!!! i just loved it completely!!! conratulations guys, you're wonderful!!! Greetings from Chile =) Perla Intveen ”

Perla Intveen - Reverb Nation

“True musicians, I'm listening to some great music here ,brilliant work guys! Dave ”

SolFate - Reverb Nation

“Unbelievable Music!! One word ............Awesome! Danielle Darrow”

Danielle Darrow

“Greetings from England,I am enjoying your music here. Wonderful rhythms and so full of energy and life! Congratulations on your success. I wish you a wonderful summer. Best wishes, Peace. Sue ”

Sue Trickey - Reverb Nation

“Hey Boys!Wow.. your music ROCKS!! I'm listening to "Highway to Mars" right now, and the opening made me think it was gonna be a nice, soothing instrumental... Haha! :) Awesome guitar work and great arrangements!! Keep up the great work and thanks again! -Payton Taylor ”

Payton Taylor - Reverb Nation

“Shades of Bill Kirchen, good Lord! Diggin' your sound.... Steve Falter”

Steve Falter - Reverb Nation

“Great guitar work - especially like shortfusechickentalk... Russ Rhyne”

Russ Rhyne - Reverb Nation

“I'm from New Orleans... you boys look like folks from the American south and you sure as hell play like it!!! You just got a brand new biggest fan!!! Roy Cunningham ”

Roy Cunningham -Reverb Nation

“I was just in Belgium (Teralfene) last October! I didn't know anyone played guitar like that in Flanders! Especially a James Burton Tele! I am drooling - You guys are GREAT! I hope I can see you live on my next trip! And will tell ALL of my Tele friends about you - you will not be a secret long!! Wayne Parham - Charlottesville Virginia USA ”

Wayne Parham, guestbook Roadlinerfanclub

“Pickers in Nashville should be afraid, VERY afraid. Excellent picking and the band is rock solid. I'm a fan for sure. Belgium should be proud of y'all. John Latch - Houston, Texas. ”

John Latch, guestbook Roadlinerfanclub

“Love the energy in your sound! That pink Telecaster is too cool! Nice way to end my long day listening to this great music!! Greetings from Northern California!! ”

Michael E. Cantrall, Reverb nation

“Sounds awesome man im diggin this stuff... these cats can swing...great job!! ”

Vintage, Reverb Nation

“Love the sound of the constantly rolling guitars, Excellent! ”

Skippy Skip, Reverb Nation

“Excellent! Killer lead guitar! ”

2 Hour Drive, Reverb Nation

“Great music! I haven't heard that kind of pickin since Jerry Reed. ”

Scott Reighard, Reverb Nation

“Skilled ! Amazing guitar works. Hands down, thumbs up !”

LunariaN, Reverb Nation

“Guitartrain is awesome!! It makes me want to shout out "WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!"”

Andrew from Hobart, Reverb Nation

“Wow! What a great sound.. country and rock combined wonderfully! ”

Amyrrhond, Reverb Nation

“ Love the Telecaster work! Reminds me of the Hellecasters. Jesse's Eurasian Favs - Saint Paul, MN, US ”

Jesse's Eurasian Favs, Reverb Nation

“Oh man, terrific combo of sounds here! Man,what a great sound guys, I love MARS, just terrific. Sure would be nice to sign a band like you guys. +__+! ”

King Crab in Dallas, Reverb Nation

“ Some of the Best Guitar work I've heard! ”

Marvin Hull Jr - Reverb Nation