J.C. & The Juke Rockers / Press

“EXCELLENT! I love the music, but one of my favorite things about this band has been JC's showmanship and stage presence. It's fun to listen to, dance to and be entertained by "one class act" ;) Glad I went this evening!”

Linda Waymire - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Had a blast and made a new friend! Mission accomplished. Favorite part of the night was hearing & dancing to Stray Cat Strut". Made this 80s girl happy! Thanks JC!”

Lynn-Ann Walker - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Fantastic! My friends and I enjoyed dancing and listening. It's a five star event. Great time! Thank you so much!”

chris - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Great band. Music was very danceable. I would seek them out again.”

Anne - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Great band - always a hit for me!”

Susan Madgwick Causey - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Love this band. Great music. A lot of fun.”

Maureen O'Neil Cooper - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Wow JC and the Juke Rockers were awesome. Danced for hours. Great music. They have such great energy. Looking forward to another venue.”

Marie - VCP of AZ Dancing

“JC & the Juke Rockers were great to hear & dance to & I'm already looking forward to hearing them again. Thanks. It was a lot if fun.”

Deborrah - VCP of AZ Dancing

“It was so much fun. J.C. knows how to work the crowd. He is so outgoing and delightful”

Crystal Wallace - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Great band and great music!”

David H. - VCP of AZ Dancing

“JC and the Juke Rockers perform upbeat blues including the Chicago, Texas and swampy style blues. They play old favorites like "Dust My Broom" to originals you haven't heard previously, but either one will get folks out on the dance floor. JC also has a lively personality that engages the audience and has them laughing.”

“I enjoyed their sound and energy that they put out on stage every time I see them play! Had a fun time!!!”

Sherrie Groth - VCP of AZ Dancing

“Great people and music. JC what a showman. Look forward to seeing Juke Rockers again.”

Shirley - VCP of AZ Dancing