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“As a singer-songwriter, J Collins is top notch, and he proves it with the terrific "Party Our Hats Off," which deserves to find airplay from radio program directors in multiple country genres. The title track "Green Means Go" is a rollicking good time that illustrates J Collins' raw vocal talent. This cut also serves as a convincing showcase of Collins' songwriting talent.”

“J. Collins is an independent country music artist from New York with a true passion for writing his own music and doing everything he can for his fans. I can only imagine what one of his concerts would be like - entertaining to say the least. I'm interested in hearing the music he releases in the future.Right off the bat, the first song, "Party Of Our Hats Off," reminds me of something Chris Cagle or even Tim McGraw would sing. It just has the fun vibe to it and sounds well-suited for the radio.”

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