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“(translated)"...Your album "Circle When Finished" is evocative of the hand of a cosmic clock that is sometimes well tuned like the regular beat of a heart, and sometimes races like a heart with tachycardia ; when listening to your music you get the impression that you're observing time and space and all without any illicit substances..."”

“This is definitely gonna get heaps of play on my ipod. Smooth, flowing, organic, atmospheric and with that gorgeous and subtle electronic edge. Really takes me somewhere. Totally superb work. Polished, professional and truly ACE.”

“This is inspiring, intelligent, psychedelic, emotional, surprising, dark, sad, simply beautiful... all is there!”

"Good god...this is great work."

“Your tunes are like bathing on distant mountains in a rare albino frog lactated yogurt and home made Christmas ornaments.”


“(translated)"you emancipate yourself from the usual rules of the universe of music as we know it. Your music is somewhere between abstract jazzy hip-hop and touches of acid, post rock music with ghostlike atmospheres of great beauty, sometimes all within the same track."”

“Been listening to this quite often these past couple of days. The quality of production and composition as well as the various moods and aesthetics it encompasses is quite inspiring. Every detail presents itself with purpose and each piece's identity is unique.”

"Very good works Jazzy!... these trax have an excellent atmosphere, very well produced... and really enjoyable!"

Jack Solium Records

"I thought my CD player was broken. But then I realized this wasn't music."

Bowling Tones Magazine

"I'm listening to the whole set today and I'm kind of amazed by how different all of these tracks sound. There are a lot of very different styles and moods here, but somehow they all hang together. Very nice."


"If I listen to this in my car while driving, it is for certain I will end up lost."

Buster Times

"It gives me a very strong sensation of "place", or more accurately, a series of places, which is something I really appreciate in music. It's so detailed that every listen becomes a different experience, you can move around in there turning different stones each time."

APAN music

"I am really liking it so far... Many laid-back moods, with smart ideas and some great production tricks and processes. I am also digging the trans-genre exploration, through idm/dub/plunderphonics/neo80s/synthronica... "

Sink Music

"it makes great driving/hiking music."

Skin Contact

“Some of the most solid production I have heard ... drifting through an eclectic field of genres, as well”

IG88 - IDMf forum

"I listen to Jazzyspoon and now I'm popular with the ladies."

Scroto Mag

"Be sure to have a good pair of headphones and a change of pants when listening to this music."

Tokin Post