Jazzie J / Press

“man she gave me the chill when i heard that voice coming, YOU A KILLA LYRICAL SISTA”

Chro_Nickals - Reverbnation Artist

“i love the hell out of that juicy girl....you are definately doing your thang baby....keep up the grind,”

TicTocka (Reverbnation Artist) - Reverbnation

“Thank you baby girl you got that voice Like trina and crime mob I would love to work with you . U Go Hard!!!!! ”

Gezu Hakeem - Reverbnation

“damn gurl u killed it on that song "knockin pictures" but anyways i just felt i really need to show u love cuz i love the fact that there is female rappers out there that can go out cold and i wanted to tell u that u r very insperational to me and im sure to every other female who listened. keep goin till get to the top cuz it sounds like u should already be there so dont give up!!! ”

“2000 grind shyt. I gotta spin that joint ”

DJ J Swift Da Mix Wiz - Reverbnation

“On the real...I'm a Fan of yours as well...you sound really good no BS...so look....when you HIT the top...dont for get your boy Eddie Ed...I have heard alot on this site and you DO have what it takes!!! Keep pushing..OH and I want a front row seat...”

Edward - Reverbnation

“Jazzie J is the livest female rapper in the ATX, this girl has it and I know she is going to be a star”