Jaz Hunter / Press

"It appears to me from my limited exposure to Hunter that he takes his music very seriously and doesn’t appear to get wrapped up in the politics that often goes hand in hand with a music career. The reason I say that is because of the following quote on http://www.myspace.com/jzhunter: “For those who strive to do good in our lifetime, hope will unite us and make us stronger. Peace and love to you all” – Jaz Hunter. Doesn’t sound like your pretentious musician; does he?" "I feel the soul of Hunter in his solo work and genuinely believe his ultimate success will come from believing in his individual talent and going against the norm as a strictly guitar driven instrumentalist." "The guitars are of course the stars and sound very full. The most amazing detail for me was the solo work fills in the gaps where the vocals would be. After a while you stop anticipating the vocals and enjoy the music for what it is." www.ilovemetal.com -Martell