Jayy Bludden / Press

“198,000 online radio plays on Imradio.com”

DGE™ - Durtee Gainz Entertainment

“From January - March 20, 2012 Jayy Bludden has a whapping 2118 Hits, 469 Plays and 73 D.J. Downloads. All from one Record Pool. Jayy bludden is now chasing 9000 Hits for the next few months....”

“You can now tune in to ImRadio.com to Listen to two of Jayy Bludden's Singles of the Comin Mixtape "JB Storm's:Reloaded" to be Release for the summer. It has now become official....”

“The Anticipated Mixtape Album "JB Storms:Reloaded" which was scheduled to be released on 4/28/12 has just been postponed by his Record Label and has a new Release date....”

“In January 2012, "Jayy Bludden" managed to get a whapping 774 hits, 261 plays and 35 downloads. Now we are in the Last day of the month February 2012 and he mangaes to get a whapping 756 hits, 139 plays and 31 downloads. He feel short this month but promises to rise above the occasion in march. His Official Mixtape Album is due 4/28/12”

“Jayy Bludden has just past his New Hits mark of 3000 and has Set a New Hits Mark of 3500 and is well on his way, with the plays and dowwnloads lagging behind in this month..”

“Last year 2011...Jayy Bludden finished the year with a wapping 1796 Hits/Clicks, 889 D.J spins/plays and 114 Downloads, in the space of three months.Published under the Durtee Gainz Management Team and Promoted by Worksessions record pool.. he is going at it again.. Already with 774 hits, 261 D.J. plays and 35 downloads for the month of Januay 2012. He vows to reach a hits mark of 12,840, a plays mark of 6963, and a downloads mark of 819 before the year 2012 is up ...”

“From January1st - 29th, Jayy Bludden manages to put of a whapping 695 hits, 256 plays and 35 downloads on Worksessions Record Pool under the Durtee Gainz Label fueled by Triple Dup Music group”

“On 17 day of the year Jayy Bludden under the Durtee Gainz Label using the Record Pool entertainment by Worksessions had recieved 150 plays, 334 hits and 22 downloads, with 9 of his Mixtape Album singles on that Site. They all are generating downloads..”

“Jayy bludden is setting New Marks for Hits, Plays and Downloads on worksessions.com under the Durtee Gainz Camp Movements and going places fast. He has met all has marks for last year 2011 and was only signed to the Durtee Gainz Management Camp just a few months in the latter parts of 2011 and is doing good web wise under that Management.”

“Jayy Bludden just reached and past the 2000 Hits mark on worksessions.”

“114 dowloads 882 d.j. spins 1741 hits 2012 is set for Jayy Bludden.... with his tracks wide spread.....things is all good for this Durtee Gainz Trooper”

J.Q. International - B.C.E

“Jayy Bludden is going for the 2000 nmark in hits , 1000 mark in dj spins how ever he already pasted his mark of 100 in downloads....”

“Jayy Bludden just passed the 1 hundred mark for Downloads of His songs in 2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days of registering his songs on Worksessions Record Pool and also recieving Downloads on other Music Dowload Sites..”

“Jayy Bludden soon to be on the pages of ETNT Weekly Magazine@www.etntweekly.com. To reveal is current projects for 2012..”

“Jayy Bludden is receiving quite a good reception on worksessions when it comes to his musical adventures... His aim is to accomplish atleast 100 downloads at the ending of the year and so far he is doing really good with already 89 downloads.... He also found a new home for his music at the Digital D.J. Pool.. With his music already spinning on Last F.m. online Internet radio Station... With aimini.net ,Ourstage, and Hotnewhiphop at his reach he is positive, he would be the household name in Rap/HipHop for the year 2012....”

“1206 hits 652 plays 86 downloads 1 month 3 weeks 1 promoter, 1 publisher”

“Throw your Hands up is a five Star Track on hotnewhiphop.com. With 277 hits and 120 plays on worksessions.com in 1month.”

“Just Posted my music on www.hotnewhiphop.com”

"Money and Bitches" was posted onto Worksessoins Record Pool, the 27th of october and has received 24 Hits, 13 Plays and 2 Downloads.. "Throw your hands up" was posted on the 2nd, of october and has received 147 Hits, 74 Plays and 8 Downloads.. "My mind is made up" was posted on the 6th, of october and has received 140 Hits, 62 Plays and 8 Downloads... "Turn it up" which is a remix of "xibits" symphony in x major which has been post the 18th of october has received 80 Hits, 63 Plays and 4 Downloads

“Video of Jayy Bludden comin soon .. Video shoots starts on the 4/11/11”

“108 Hits 68 Plays 7 Downloads In 17 days”

“Blizzard JB Storm's....Tha Mixtape Comin Soon with Track like "Hustle up" G-mix of "Rick Ross" Hustlin.. "Durtee Money" G-mix of "Chris brown" I can Transform yur. "Mr. Carter" G-mix of "Lil Wayne" Mr. Carter... Its a Durtee Gainz and South Side ProductionThing...Look out For Jayy Bludden a.k.a Blizzard.... JB Storm's, the undisputed Mixtape...G-tape comin soon”

“32 Hits 20 Plays 2 Downloads this all happened in the time frame of 2 days”