Jaystorm Project / Press

“Soul man: Jaystorm establishes himself as a funk/rock/hip-hop force in East Tennessee”

"With full backing band of renowned players, The Jaystorm Project, his music lends itself to live shows better than most chart-topping national acts"

““I feel this article would be insufficient if I failed to mention that this band achieved the highest possible mark that I could ever give any group. The Jaystorm Project actually performed several songs that I personally dislike; however, they played, sang, and stylized them so well that the songs actually became something fantastic. The Jaystorm Project is something people will have to see to believe” ”

“Jaystorm and The Project have reenergized the originality of where music was and has taken it to its limits and beyond. If you want funk-rock with a boom of hip-hop and a sweet southern-soul all you need is Jaystorm with a mic and his band The Project backing.”

"The man is a consummate professional. He's sharpened his rhymes, improved his voice and become one of East Tennessee's consummate entertainers."

“In a town where mainstream hip-hop acts are just now beginning to surface, a guy like Jaystorm isn't just in the running, but ahead of the pack.”

"Jaystorm Project has made a name for itself in the Southeast!"

Doug Janz - Johnson City Press

“Nobody besides Jaystorm would have ever considered putting both singer/songwriter Dave Landeo and rapper Mr. Mack on the same disc; even if the two don’t perform on the same song, A Brand New Funk still wins the prize for pairing the two unlikeliest guest spots on a local record in recent memory.”

““A guitar full of Jimi Hendrix mixed with a healthy dose of pure soul, funk, and hip-hop guaranteed to get any crowd moving with an intense live show. They're a nonstop rock-and-groove fest with an unlimited amount of energy, guaranteed for every performance."”

Matt Lincoln - Owner - Underground Studios

“Jay is so versatile that he can take a bad Whitesnake song "Is This Love" and turn it into a slow jam gem. Jaystorm has the talent, has the look and definitely has the voice to put the south back on the musical map. ”

““14 cuts of soul-infused, crunkified, booty-shakin' hip-hop/R&B. Without a doubt club-ready and more "mainstream" than the majority of rap music we're liable to review. The music is an agreeable blend of R&B sensitivity and ultra-sleek club hip-hop”. ”

Kieth Mikkleson - Performer Mag (Album Review)

“This band kicks ass!”

Disk Jockey - WUTK 90.3 FM