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“Superbly entertaining”

Colin Williams, Hall of Sound - Hall of Sound

“Classic blues-rock grooves and impressvie guitar......”

"mature, inventive and highly listenable" "The accompanying musicians are real class, the guitar work... is exceptional."

Laura Bethell - Maverick

"F*****g great songs." (An uncensored version of this review is available on request.)

Sir Bob Geldof - Live show

"Edge of the World" by Jay Stapley is an intelligent guitar driven, adult rock album brought to you by a talented veteran musician. Jay's style can best be described as Clapton meets Pink Floyd. His musicianship is superior and his lyrics are very true to life. The arrangements are full, well layered and the songs are radio-ready as far as quality is concerned. Bottom line is that there is a lot of talent present on this album and it translates into memorable songs. It's also nice to hear a "classic" sound perfected in the digital age. Highlights include the title track "Edge of the World," which opens the album and draws you right in with a haunting guitar riff and intimate lyrics. "I am a Child Again" features some cool guitar harmonics and delays along with poetic lyrics. "Deep Blue Sea" certainly has an oceanic feel to it and features some nice piano work. If you enjoy guitar-driven adult rock music, you'll enjoy this excellent CD.

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