Jay Schraub / Press

"Jay Schraub performed at the gallery opening, what I saw is the next big singer/songwriter! showing elements of the 90's and some elements of great songwriters as Cat Stevens, Neil Young and Paul Williams. If you ever get a chance to see him perform I highly suggest it! He engages the crowd and keeps you into ever aspect of the show! Not just a songwriter but a great vocalist too. his singing really really shines on alot of the songs his range is really good and can go to really high registers in a flash! cant recommend him enough!"

Chi-Indie Freak

" This was a good show! first of all the night started out with Jay Schraub who was amazing! the best vocal ive heard so far in this chicago scene. his songs were catchy and his had a great presence. great musician too! great all around package"

“checked out the show at the elbo room on the 17th, saw it in the paper. Jay Schraub was a very very nice surprise for me, i had never heard somebody like him really, his guitar playing was decent at best, but what he messed up musically he more then made up for vocally, kids got a great strong voice its nice to see somebody like that just giving it there all. and he is a good songwriter too, and he wrote a song about BOZO!!! over all it was a decent show, the 2 acoustic acts were the only good parts, with that jay kid being the better of the two”