Jaylz / Press

“WOW you are spitting some fire sir i'm loving it over here!!!!”


“dude you are awesome and great at what you do. keep up the great work!”

Lee Bailey

“I'm lovin' the tracks man! Keep it up!”

Jake Alsip

“Wow - you have gotten really good, I remeber hearing stuff from when you were in high school, I am glad you kept writing...very nice!”

Natasha Sobczak

“Your the truth!”

Shaunte Evans-Waller

“Congrats on the release! aint nothing but good things ahead - stay at a high level!”

Albert Mata

“Show was amazing last night! Cannot wait for the one tonight!! ♥ you're absolutely mind-blowing! ”

Casee Green

“Congrats on doing big things bro! ur bound to get ur break sooner than later!”

Dale Stone

“Listening to the new JayLz & SIX mixtape!!! If you havent downloaded your FREE copy yet, DO SO!!! HOTTTT!!!! ”


“I never new we had some dank ass rappers in our town!”

Chris A. Smith

"Why Can't You?" is a song that all girls & women should pay close attention to. I will be pleased to play it for my daughters when they hit that "crucial age". Thank you 2 my homie JayLz for a piece of art that can help my little princess's self esteem!!