Jay Loftus / Press

“You may be wondering what Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and The Backstreet Boys, have in common with Sounds of Hoboken performer, Jay Loftus. Well, they are all signed to KNS Production Company. It may not be a shock that the first three names are signed to a big label, but for this New Jersey native, signing with the big dogs is still something new. Embarking on his first tour as you read this article, Jay says he feels he has finally “cut the ribbon” on his career.”

“New Jersey native Jay Loftus caught our attention with his irresistibly catchy melodies and fresh sound. He’s taken to YouTube to display his versatility, mixing in his originals with a wide range of covers. His talent, along with his humble, relatable personality, has us feeling pretty confident that we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the near future. ”

“If you’re looking to fall in love with a musician whose voice is enough to make you completely melt into his velvet arms (we’re not even going to start talking about those brown eyes!), here he is—Jay Loftus—a name that’s impossible to forget once you press play.”

“In the second video of the series, Jay Loftus performs "Fortune Cookie" in his living room At The Crossroads! Follow Jay @ImJayLoftus Follow the Crosstitutes @atTheXRoads Love up on Jay at Facebook.com/jayloftusmusic and love up on us at facebook.com/atthexroads”

“This 24-year-old singer/songwriter defies the pretentious attitude adopted by many indie artists trying to stand out in a saturated market. His crisp vocals radiate melody and his lyrics venerate introspection about one’s place in everyday situations. His music is the kind of thing that coffee house patrons do not have to hide in their papers from awkwardly, but his ability to invigorate the casual listener will win him gigs. His personal voice in the submission is what won me over, and though I couldn’t find an angle worthy of an entire feature on indie artists I feel strongly that Loftus can teach other indie artists something about genuine sincerity: In response to, “Briefly describe why we should write about you,” Loftus says, “Well, I guess it depends if you like my music or not. Otherwise, I’m like every other singer/songwriter out there struggling to get my music heard. It’s hard to stand out so, if I do stand out in your ears, then I think it’s worth writing abo”

“Opener Jay Loftus set the tone for the night as he played original songs off his new album, which was distributed for free after the show. Loftus played songs called “Fortune Cookie” and “She Only Walks on Roses,” in addition to other original songs. Loftus’ idea for “Fortune Cookie” literally stemmed from a fortune cookie: he was eating a fortune cookie one night when he received a fortune that read, “Your smile is a curve that can get a lot of things straight.” This fortune compelled Loftus to look at two other fortunes and then write a song. He carries these fortunes around in a laminated card. Unlike Nunes, Loftus is more reluctant about YouTube, as he feels that the site both helps and hurts careers. Though Loftus believes that YouTube is an “animal” to tackle, he said in an interview with The Signal, “Plain and simply, my music would not be playing in Brazil right now.” “It makes me more accessible worldwide,” he said.”