Jay Leibowitz / Press

“When you're born at the Jersey Shore the same year Born to Run is released, it's more than likely that a little Bruce Springsteen might have slipped into your DNA. When singer-songwriter Jay Leibowitz started making music on the keyboard he bought with his bar mitzvah money, The Boss' musical presence was virtually "inescapable." There aren't any anthems or epic songs on Leibowitz's understated debut album Pedestrian Life, but there are flashes of Springsteen's lyrical sensibility. On the song "Stuck," for instance, there are echoes of the "The E Street Shuffle" and "Blinded by the Light": "Police on the corner doing the shuffle/ I heard Scooter got hooked up in a scuffle/ Yeah I played it loud/ I played it loud" Several years in the making, Jay Leibowitz took a break from acting, took hold of his Telecaster and wrote Pedestrian Life.”