Jay D Clark / Press

“Philadelphia-based artist has been performing live since 2008 at venues up and down the East Coast and as far as California. Expect to feel the stress of the workweek melting away with songs such as “Live in the Moment,””

“You're like a punk rock James Taylor”

Chuck Treece - McRad, Bad Brains, Pearl Jam, G Love, The Roots, Billy Joel, Dr Dre...

“Jay D Clark is heading south to team up with local act Treehouse for a roots reggae/funk jam designed to inspire hot Caribbean vibes, and a chilled out night of thinking man's music - both acts have plenty to say if you listen closely. ”

“Most musicians will tell you that every time they step on stage they feel like they’re starting a new adventure. This feeling of freshness is more like a fact of life for up-and-coming roots/reggae/rock artist Jay D Clark. The Philadelphia native... is set to play more than a dozen dates, each time performing in a new city with a different band backing him up.”

“In 1982, I saw B. F. Skinner give his pessimistic "Why are we not acting to save the world?" speech about the likely failure of our technology of behavior to stop disaster scenarios from prevailing. At the macro level, I find Clark to be a rock and roll prophet of our time.”

Dr. Richard Weissman - Media Bureau blog

“There were a lot of great people at the Stir Fry Music Revival ... but one of the nicest was Jay D Clark.... That is exactly what is delivered. The music has a smooth reggae flavor with lyrics that make you think.”

“Jay D Clark's style is really unique... infusing all that is traditional and inventive in one package... the Philly sound and Jay D Clark simply takes it up a notch... he always has this sensible personality... no one artist that holds any style close to his, he is that outstanding...”

“Philadelphia Union now have an unofficial team song. No, not a supporters group chant. A rock song, by legit musicians. And it’s pretty good. ”

“He plays a lot of great stuff....I was blown away with what he did. I thought he does some good shit.... plus he likes marijuana, which means he's a good guy.”

"Jay D Clark is hosting an open mic night tonight at the Edge Hill Tavern out in Glenside.... We know it may be a bit far for some of you, but if Jay D Clark decides to play a few tunes, it’ll be worth the trip."